Thursday, September 17, 2009

Judgement Day - Pathology Of Crowding - Demo (1994)

1. Pathology Of Crowding
2. Penitential Sermon
3. Clouds Of Mordor
4. Daily Rituals... Until
5. F.O.D. (Slaughter cover)

Origin - Netherlands
Style - Death/Thrash Metal

" 3rd demo from the crew from Gelderland,Holland "

" Underrated would be the word that describes Judgement Day....They just ever got the press that alot of other inferior acts got in the early to mid 90s.This demo brings more Death than thrash..But the thrash elements are still there..As in up-tempo beats and some blasting...But its the guitars that made this tape kill "

" "Clouds of Mordor"and the titletrack, are really like a kick in the face. Judgement day play at times at the speed of some newer Thrash metal bands, but still I would call them old style death metal. It's like if you take a few parts from Sadus, Kreator... and put in some really fast and angry Death Metal, then you get judgement day "

A band all you Death/Thrash fans should check out !......Great shit......

Smoke em..If You Got em !......GeT It!
Right there....

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