Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Apokefale & Devoid Of Grace - Where Devil Will Seem Saintly - Split (2009)

1. Torrent Inside Me
2. Anaesthetized Morgueazm
3. Post Dictatorial Syndrome
4. K.C.O.D.S.

Devoid Of Grace
5. Blind Mirror II
6. Grinding For Glory
7. Distorted Perspective
8. Phobia (Kreator)

Origin - Russia
Style - Black/Death Metal, Death Metal

" Terrific split from these two bands from the Russian Federation"

" First up is Apokefale from Seversk,Siberia....I had not heard these guys and I can tell you..I was quite surprised at these tracks...Blackened/Death metal is what they do...With a experimental side also...Sorta industrial, They call their selves blackcore....Fuck that... this is an amalgam of Satyricon,Behemoth and Crionics styled Metal..And damn convincing !....Great production and Riffing with outstanding drumming....Very unique...Now I'm curious to hear the 2 full lengths "

" On to Lipetsk,Russia's Devoid Of Grace...Now I featured their Ep last year..And it was high class Death Metal all the way...And these tracks are no different...Powerful tracks full of riffing ala Decapitated,Vader.....Quality stuff here....They are currently in the studio working on their first full-length..I'm sure it will be deadly ! "

You dont get a quality Split often..Where both bands are unique from each other and also kick your teeth in....This one does!...And dont be put off by the experimental side of Apokefale...Give it a try...You might dig it !

From Russia with Death !

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