Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Therion - Beyond Sanctorum (1992)

1. Future Consciousness
2. Pandemonic Outbreak
3. Cthulhu
4. Symphony Of The Dead
5. Beyond Sanctorum
6. Enter The Depths Of Eternal Darkness
7. Illusions Of Life
8. The Way
9. Paths
10. Tyrants Of The Damned
11. Cthulhu (demo version)
12. Future Consciousness (demo version)
13. Symphony Of The Dead (demo version)
14. Beyond Sanctorum (demo version)

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" ......Beyond Sanctorum, the bands second official release utilized the same basic formula that old school greats Nihilist employed. Buzz saw power chord riffing, muffled growling, a driving rhythm section, and the simplistic yet super effective hooks that would go on and influence many a young band are proudly executed here "

" This is where the band started to experiment with clean voice,symphonic elements etc...That would later become their calling card...But don't misunderstand !......This is Death Metal !.....And some of the best written in 1992"

" The eleven minute epic “The Way” is easily the highlight of the record with rumbling bass and guitar riffing complementing the textural dynamics of middle eastern flavored melodies....Truly awesome...."

And so Therion went on to make alot of crap records...But back in the day and still now...This one is great...Period.

Go Ahead !.......Get It!

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