Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Necronaut - S.T. (2010)

1.Crimson Fields
2.Twilight At The Trenches
3.In Dark Tribute
4.Soulside Serpents
5.Infecting Madness
6.After the Void
7.The Lie In Which The Truth Is Buried
8.Returning To Kill The Light
9.Tower Of Death
10.Rise Of The Sentinel

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" Somewhere in Sweden.....Fred Estby (Carnage,Dismember) wakes up one morning and says to himself: I gonna make a record containing all the styes of music I dig all in one package....I will get all my buddies to sing and play leads on all the tracks...It will be fucken ace !  "

" Not sure if thats what really happened....But ol Fred sure did what he set out to do....Make a No-Nonsense Death Metal,Sludge,Stoner,Doom,Heavy Metal record...Are you with me? Basically this Disc is a compilation of a shit pot full of styles of heavy music with a dirty buzz to them "

" With a laundry list of fellow musicians and some cool tunes he wrote... he has managed to pull off a project that would surely fail in most cases. Starting with an intro which later features Chris Reifert(Autopsy) you get 9 more tracks of Swedish goodness...Ranging from Iron Maiden style guitars in 'Soulside Sepents' to the Black Sabbathy 'After The Void'. This shit is bass heavy buzzing style Metal with an emphasis on crude Death Metal riffs..Then tack on guest vocals and guest lead guitars in almost every track and we have a winner folks ! "

This aint no technical wankery see how many notes we can play in one song garbage...No siree....This is basic,heavy,catchy fucken Metal !

Here is the list of guests:

1. Crimson Fields- Chris Reifert (Vocals)(Autopsy)
2. Twilight At The Trenches- Andreas "Drette" Axelsson (Vocals)(Tormented,ex-Edge Of Sanity)
3. In Dark Tribute- Hellbutcher (Vocals), Tyrant (Lead Guitar)(Nifelheim)
4. Soulside Serpents- J.B (Vocals), Robert "Strings Dahlqvist (Lead Guitar,
Robert Pehrsson (Lead Guitar)
5. Infecting Madness- Chris Reifert (Vocals)(Autopsy), Uffe Cederlund (Lead Guitar)(Nihilist,Entombed)
6. After The Void- Joakim Nilsson (Vocals), David Blomqvist (Lead Guitar)(Dismember)
7. The Lie In Which The Truth Is Buried- Fred Estby (Vocals) , Nicke Andersson
(Lead Guitar)(Death Breath)
8. Returning To Kill The Light- E (Vocals)(Watain), J.B. (Lead Guitar)(Grand Magus)
9. Tower Of Death- Nicke Andersson (Vocals)
10. Rise Of The Sentinel- Tomas Lindberg(Vocals)(At The Gates), David Blomqvist (Lead Guitar)

As you can see...This has a killer list of guests......

Come On Down !.........And See !
Whats here..?

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Desultory - Counting Our Scars (2010)

1. In A Cage
2. Counting Our Scars
3. Ready To Bleed
4. This Broken Halo
5. The Moment Is Gone
6. Uneven Numbers
7. Dead Ends
8. Leeching Life
9. A Crippling Heritage

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" Desultory were always underrated in my book.....Seemingly always compared to Entombed,Dismember....They never sounded like the two aforementioned legends and sorta had their own thing going. Thought of as a second tier band by many....They had a decent career up until a change in musical direction derailed the once mighty Swedish band "

" Skip forward from 1994s 'Bitterness'(The last of the old style records) and we have arrived at a new record a new attitude and a new record deal with Pulverised records. When bands reform and make a come back I always assume a bit of a letdown.....This is NOT the case here ! A new found energy and 9 new tracks are refueling Desultory back into the spotlight "

" Right off the bat you get god damn catchy riffing and tompa style vocals...All set up by a heavy yet clear production. This Lp reminds me of Evocation's 2008 masterpiece 'Dead Calm Chaos' a amalgam of really grinding yet catchy(I know I said it twice already)tracks with just that right amount of melodic touches to keep it sounding fresh. There is not a dud to be found across the 9 lessons in Swedish mastery..All having a hook and groove done in the Swedish way "

" This was sent by a loyal follower and we thank him very much for this !.......Now go out and order this disc and enjoy one of the better rides of the year in my opinion...Please buy CDs and support the underground....I know this gets old hearing this...But it is imperative that we keep buying Cds and digital downloads to keep the artists and record companies alive to put out such great artistry as this...Rant over...Now Get It! "

By the way: Finally have computer problems fixed (Well if you can imagine a pc being thrown out of a truck going 70 mph down a hill being fixed) I finally stepped up to a IMAC and am enjoying the fruits of a perfect setup....Maybe I will post more than once a month from now on?????

Excellent Album !.......Buy It!
Check It.......

Friday, November 26, 2010

Svart Crown - Witnessing The Fall (2010)

1. Where The Light Ends
2. Colosseum
3. Dogs Of God
4. Nahash The Temptator 
5. Here Comes Your Salvation
6. Into A Demential Sea 
7. An Eternal Descent
8. Strengh Higher Than Justice
9. Incestuous Breath
10. Of Sulphur And Fire

Origin - France
Style - Black/Death Metal

" Well now.....Didn't see this one coming !......Sophomore release from the french quartet Svart Crown..See's these lads step into the forefront with the big boys of the genre "

" This record combines a caustic,explosive meld of Blackened Death Metal that I have not heard in quite a while. This record is both relentless and pummeling yet with key riff changes and mighty breakdowns to keep it from getting boring. After a short intro we are introduced to a giant of a track 'Colosseum' with its outstanding riffs and evil ambiance...Next up 'Dogs Of God' again with brutal riffs and evil atmosphere..Here we see the first of a few crushing breakdowns that force you to take notice and feel that these four mean business "

" Track 4 'Nahash The Temptator' is another serious crusher with its catchy riffing and stomping breakdown...Building up and delivering a knock out blow after 4 minutes. I think after listening to this LP more than 10 times through it is primarily a Death Metal record but its the sinister Blackened leanings that set this apart from tons of other shit this year....Easily making my top 10 so far ! "

" There's just something about certain records that push the boundaries of brilliance and this is certainly one of them....From the mostly Death Vocals to the absolutely mean guitar work and the machine like drums....Forget all other Black/Death metal releases this year...You cannot fuck with this one !...Its that good "

It may be 27 degree's outside....But it feels like I'm on fire while listening to this !

Go Ahead !....Get It !
Over by my house......