Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Necronaut - S.T. (2010)

1.Crimson Fields
2.Twilight At The Trenches
3.In Dark Tribute
4.Soulside Serpents
5.Infecting Madness
6.After the Void
7.The Lie In Which The Truth Is Buried
8.Returning To Kill The Light
9.Tower Of Death
10.Rise Of The Sentinel

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" Somewhere in Sweden.....Fred Estby (Carnage,Dismember) wakes up one morning and says to himself: I gonna make a record containing all the styes of music I dig all in one package....I will get all my buddies to sing and play leads on all the tracks...It will be fucken ace !  "

" Not sure if thats what really happened....But ol Fred sure did what he set out to do....Make a No-Nonsense Death Metal,Sludge,Stoner,Doom,Heavy Metal record...Are you with me? Basically this Disc is a compilation of a shit pot full of styles of heavy music with a dirty buzz to them "

" With a laundry list of fellow musicians and some cool tunes he wrote... he has managed to pull off a project that would surely fail in most cases. Starting with an intro which later features Chris Reifert(Autopsy) you get 9 more tracks of Swedish goodness...Ranging from Iron Maiden style guitars in 'Soulside Sepents' to the Black Sabbathy 'After The Void'. This shit is bass heavy buzzing style Metal with an emphasis on crude Death Metal riffs..Then tack on guest vocals and guest lead guitars in almost every track and we have a winner folks ! "

This aint no technical wankery see how many notes we can play in one song garbage...No siree....This is basic,heavy,catchy fucken Metal !

Here is the list of guests:

1. Crimson Fields- Chris Reifert (Vocals)(Autopsy)
2. Twilight At The Trenches- Andreas "Drette" Axelsson (Vocals)(Tormented,ex-Edge Of Sanity)
3. In Dark Tribute- Hellbutcher (Vocals), Tyrant (Lead Guitar)(Nifelheim)
4. Soulside Serpents- J.B (Vocals), Robert "Strings Dahlqvist (Lead Guitar,
Robert Pehrsson (Lead Guitar)
5. Infecting Madness- Chris Reifert (Vocals)(Autopsy), Uffe Cederlund (Lead Guitar)(Nihilist,Entombed)
6. After The Void- Joakim Nilsson (Vocals), David Blomqvist (Lead Guitar)(Dismember)
7. The Lie In Which The Truth Is Buried- Fred Estby (Vocals) , Nicke Andersson
(Lead Guitar)(Death Breath)
8. Returning To Kill The Light- E (Vocals)(Watain), J.B. (Lead Guitar)(Grand Magus)
9. Tower Of Death- Nicke Andersson (Vocals)
10. Rise Of The Sentinel- Tomas Lindberg(Vocals)(At The Gates), David Blomqvist (Lead Guitar)

As you can see...This has a killer list of guests......

Come On Down !.........And See !
Whats here..?

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