Friday, November 26, 2010

Svart Crown - Witnessing The Fall (2010)

1. Where The Light Ends
2. Colosseum
3. Dogs Of God
4. Nahash The Temptator 
5. Here Comes Your Salvation
6. Into A Demential Sea 
7. An Eternal Descent
8. Strengh Higher Than Justice
9. Incestuous Breath
10. Of Sulphur And Fire

Origin - France
Style - Black/Death Metal

" Well now.....Didn't see this one coming !......Sophomore release from the french quartet Svart Crown..See's these lads step into the forefront with the big boys of the genre "

" This record combines a caustic,explosive meld of Blackened Death Metal that I have not heard in quite a while. This record is both relentless and pummeling yet with key riff changes and mighty breakdowns to keep it from getting boring. After a short intro we are introduced to a giant of a track 'Colosseum' with its outstanding riffs and evil ambiance...Next up 'Dogs Of God' again with brutal riffs and evil atmosphere..Here we see the first of a few crushing breakdowns that force you to take notice and feel that these four mean business "

" Track 4 'Nahash The Temptator' is another serious crusher with its catchy riffing and stomping breakdown...Building up and delivering a knock out blow after 4 minutes. I think after listening to this LP more than 10 times through it is primarily a Death Metal record but its the sinister Blackened leanings that set this apart from tons of other shit this year....Easily making my top 10 so far ! "

" There's just something about certain records that push the boundaries of brilliance and this is certainly one of them....From the mostly Death Vocals to the absolutely mean guitar work and the machine like drums....Forget all other Black/Death metal releases this year...You cannot fuck with this one !...Its that good "

It may be 27 degree's outside....But it feels like I'm on fire while listening to this !

Go Ahead !....Get It !
Over by my house......

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