Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Horrendous - Sweet Blasphemies - Demo (2010)

1. The Mystic
2. Ridiculous Flesh 
3. Reanimated
4. Putrid Rebirth
5. Disintegrating Into Obscurity

" Matt from Dark Descent Records sent me this demo and asked if I would check it out.....Thank the Devil he did....Cause this shit kills "

" Now you have read my disdain for the overkill of O.S.D.M. bands popping up every hour on the hour...As they are mostly lame,thrown together,buzzy sounding,not a memorable riff,black & white artwork nonsense...Where there is no sense on song writing or anything you could call memorable....Here's where Horrendous has done such a good job on this debut demo "

" Went down into the basement where the mancave is and proceded to crank this puppy..And holy shit I had to run to the computer and see where these fuckers were from !Sweden I thought?....Ahh no...East Coast...Good ole USA. Now this demo has everything I have not been hearing lately: Crushing riffs,Rough edged Vokills,A snippet of melody,And that Swedish groove that is missing from todays artist's...Except maybe Feral and a few others "

" Old Entomed would be a good start when describing these five tracks of Flesh-Ripping Death Metal !.....These guys are on to something here...And I hope there is a full-length in the worx...Cause 18.5 minutes is not long enough "

This limited edition is available on Blood Red Cassette and only 200 pieces...So go to the webstore and buy it !......Hurry..This will be on egay for twice as much when everyone jumps on the train.

Best Demo I have heard in ages.....Period !

Dark Descent Records
Skeleton Plague Records

And by the way...Matt said to share this with all of you...Because he gets it !.....Any publicity is good publicity...Just look at Madonna....What the fuck?....Did I just come with a Madonna reference?.........Bad week to quit sniffin glue !

Go Ahead !....Get It!
Its here....and There...
Track 5 re-upped....Goddamn media fire

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What the hell is up people?

First off.....I apologize for a serious lack of posting this year !.....Things have been changing and have not afforded me the time to do so. That being said: I am finally moved into the new Casa and am starting to return to normal.

It doesn't seem to me its been a particularly great year for Metal in general....But there has been some good shit...And more coming hopefully.

Lets hear some stuff you fans have been listening too and really digging !

I myself have really been into my old Thrash roots lately.....Channel Zero,Destruction,Exodus,Deathrow.....A lot of Technical Thrash Metal !

Maybe there is some good Black Metal,Death Metal,Thrash Metal...Anything I may have missed and should check out - Or even anything old you have been blasting !...Or maybe something you are looking for......Gimme some ideas !