Saturday, February 26, 2011

Maim - Deceased to Exist (2011)

1. Gravedigger Sacrifice
2. Morbid Desecration
3. Covet Death
4. Evil Smell Of Death
5. Crematory
6. Deceased To Exist
7. Purged Through Napalm
8. Nuclear Funeral
9. Resurrected From Hell
10. Screams From The Mutilated

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal1

" Ahh the follow up to the top notch debut ' From the Womb to the Tomb'....And guess what?.......This ones better ! "

" Right away I notice the monstrous tone of the guitars and production....This is how Death Metal should sound !.....Old feel.....New technology.....A match made in Sweden. 2nd track 'Morbid Desecration' with its catchy,pounding riffs get me going...'Evil Smell of Death' with its relentless rhythm...Now the man cave is stomping...But when 'Crematory' comes forth from the speakers...I really sense something dark and beastly...Like a funeral procession of crushing Sabbathy riffs....I kept waiting for the vocals to come bellowing forth....But...."

" There is no doubt Maim kill anything in site....But I really dig the slower moods and medium paced tracks....But there are plenty of thrashing uptempo songs and something for all Death Worshippers (Hey I got you into the review bro). Again the bruising production and the upgraded song writing puts this Lp into early contention for Death Metal album of 2011......These guys have managed to bring their game to a new level !.....And I for one am all in "

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Puteraeon - The Esoteric Order (2011)

1. Storms Over Devil's Reef
2. Graverobber
3. Coma
4. Experience Zombification 
5. Whispers Of The Dead 
6. Dead Once More
7. Castle Of Despair
8. The Innsmouth Insanity
9. The Plague
10. Into The Deep
11. The Extraordinary Work of Herbert West
12. Re-Animation
13. The End Of All

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" Jonas "Lindblood" Lindblad was in a band called Taetre who had a couple of cool albums in the late ninities...Sorta Melodic Death/Thrash Metal and pretty good at that!...But when he started getting back to his roots with this new concoction Puteraeon..I had a feeling we could be in for a real doozy of an Lp. So after 3 really good Demo's...We finally arrive @ the Full Length Debut "

" This Lp is made up a nice selection from each of the 3 Demo's + 2 new tracks of Old Styled Death Metal of the Swedish type...As you probably know...My personal Favorite style. Here you will get no blast beats...No clean vocals....Just 13 tracks of Crunchy,mostly mid-paced,Coming back to life Zombie Death Metal ! "
" There are some killer moments here...Such as the crushing breakdown at 2:10 of "Whispers of the Dead" or the downright heavy "Into the Deep"(Bonus track on the digipack). The Hypocrisy like "Re-animation" is another of the tasty tracks that lies within. Puteraeon has not reinvented the wheel here folks...But I will be goddamned if I have heard a catchy riff in every track album in a while....The vocals are deep bellowed and work perfectly...The production is nice and meaty (Provided by Andy Laroque) and I did not get bored listening to the whole thing through "
Its about time 2011 gets going !.......Fuck Old-School....New School.....New Fucking Old School.....
This is Death Metal !......Not rocket Science !
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