Saturday, July 31, 2010

Utumno - Across the Horizon - Ep (2010) Reissue

1. The Light of Day
2. I Cross The Horizons
3. In Misery I Dwell 
4. Saviour Reborn
5. Sunrise
6. Emotions Run Cold
7. Saviour Reborn
8. In Misery I Dwell
Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal
" Re-issue of cult Ep from 1995, recorded at Studio Sunlight with Thomas Skogsberg, featuring Jonas Stahlhammar from God Macabre / Macabre End /Bombs Of Hades(nowadays singer in the re-formed The Crown). Cover art Kristian Wahlin (Dissection, Emperor, Tiamat), 2 bonus tracks(The Light of Day-Single) and re-mastered by Mike Wead (King Diamond / Mercyful Fate) "
" People if you dont have this or have never heard it.....Please go to Vic records and buy it !...Pick up a t-shirt too...And be the coolest motherfucker on the planet...Like Me !.....Just kidding....But do listen to this and then seek it out and get it! "
" What we have here is essentially one of the all-time greatest unkown Swedish Death Metal Gems.....Of course A Sunlight production..But now remastered for a much bigger sound without ruining it. One of the best Vocalists ever..And still doing his thing I might say....Progressive sounding Death Metal before progressive meant 20 min long songs and wearing bell bottoms "
Truly legendary stuff here..And damn cool that its been re-issued !
Like GodMacabre !....Only Different!
Its there....

Friday, July 30, 2010

Demiurg - Slakthus Gamleby (2010)

1. Life Is A Coma 
2. Death Grasp Oblivion
3. Travellers Of The Vortex
4. The Cold Hand Of Death
5. Cold Skin
6. From Laughter To Retching

7. Slakthus Gamleby
8. World Burial

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" The lineup in this 'super' group is quite astounding......Rogga Johansson (every Death Metal band in Sweden), Dan Swano (Every band in Sweden),Ed Warby (every band in Holland) Etc....Well maybe ive gone too far....But you get the idea of the pedigree here within "

" Here we have Demiurg's 3rd full length.....Does it sound like Edge Of Sanity?.....Yes......Gorefest?...Yes......Paganizer?...Yes......A bit of all those bands are contained within..However there are much more progressive parts adding to the crushing Death Metal this time. Keyboards ala Swano's solo project swirl around and behind the tracks....Clean vocals of the Male and female kind...Chanting....and such. "

" Now I have never been a big fan of the female voice in Death Metal....Im Sorry !.....I luvs the women..I surely do....But I just never understood the fascination with having the angelic voice aginst the punishing sounds of death. To me it breaks up tracks and takes the quality down a bit.
That being said: There are some fucking cool tracks on this Lp....With regular Crushing Death Metal riffs in almost every song.....With some nice Doom ridden areas and Melodic guitar work...Take for instance 'Travellers Of The Vortex'...Has really good atmospheric melodic guitar passages and creepy vocals to go with it.Vocals: Rogga is awesome...Master of the growling and higher pitched screams..Spot on and goes well with the doomy tracks.Clean voice sounds like Candlemass...Its a take it or leave it affair. Female voice?.....Nice in church...Not on a Death Metal record (my humble opinion) "

All in all a fine record with alot of variation and progressive touches to it...If you dug later Edge Of Sanity..You more than likely will get into this. If you were hoping for a Old Sounding Death Metal Record...Uhhh look elsewhere......The production is crisp but sounds more in the Bloodbath vein than an old Grave or Entombed Lp

Nice To Be Back !.......I apoligize to my faithfull followers !
Now.....Get It!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Torture Division - Evighetens Dårar III - Demo (2010)

1. The Axe Murderer 
2. Under Fire Command
3. Ravishing Rampage Sluts
4. Evighetens Dårar

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" Part 3 of Torture Divisions latest installment of demo's "

" Just the track 'The Axe Murderer' is enough to get this.....All 10 seconds "

" Swedish....Brutal....Death....Metal at its finest !.....That is all you need to know....Oh yeah...And its produced by Dan Fucken Swano "

T.D. does all this for free...Go to their site and donate or buy something..So these guys will keep putting out more music !

Go Ahead !.......Get It!
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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mastication - Wicked Material Sanity - Compilation (2010)

1. Intro
2. Freedom's Death
3. Shreds Of Sanity
4. Material Assassin
5. Unholy Wickedness
6. Satanized
7. Outro

8. Obscure Desolation
9. Satanic Verses
10. What Life Has Brought

11. Angelic Darkness
12. The Book With No Pages

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" Necroharmonic is calling this a split.....Ok...But to me it is a compilation...Yes 3 bands..But all intertwined with each other. What we have here is another of the cool as fuck remastering of old demo's.....Namely Mastication,Exhumed,Egypt to be precise "

" Obscure Death Metal from the Classic 1st Generation of Swedish Death Metal ..From 1990 + 1991 " Cd Contains The Demo Recordings of each band includes members who also made the darkness known as EXCRUCIATE , UNANIMATED , NECROPHOBIC , DISMEMBER and NIFELHEIM ....Exhumed ( sweden ) formed in 1990 and made a single Demo "Obscurity " , Later band members formed MASTICATION with the intent to finish the mission of Death Metal !!! This release contains bonus tracks from side band EGYPT who were the final chapter before members concentrated on thier next ( main) acts...Such as MORPHEUS ( swe) and later GRAVE... "

" Mastication is up first : Formed in 1990 in (Upplands Väsby)..Mastication released two demo's then disappeared..Only to reappear in many other great bands. This is legitimate shit here...Sunlight produced..Heavy as Fuck and brutal for the time.....Very much reminds me of Excruciate..Who the singer would later join. Absolute top notch Death Metal and a classic example of the power of the early days ! "

" Exhumed formed in 1989 in Stockholm and only released a single demo before changing name to Morpheus.....But thats a story for another day. On this the 'Obscurity' Demo Exhumed were quite a bit more brutal than most other acts of the time...And with it being produced at Sunlight...Had that sound !..Albeit a bit rougher around the edges...It still displayed power and gargantuan riffing"

" That brings us to Egypt....A cult side project of sinister proportions...And featuring members of Carbonized,Excruciate,Blood Mortized etc. Also produced at Sunlight but with a different purpose..Here you have acoustic interludes...Keys....And atmosphere for days..All wrapped in an eeiree production..Surely some of the most cult stuff ever from the day...."

There you have it...An absolute mandatory piece of SDM history.........
Go to the website and buy many things there....They have all kinds of cool shit !

For Now Fuckers !
Get It !.....

Friday, July 2, 2010

Deteriorot - The Faithless (2010)

1. Messages From an Entity 
2. The Phantoms Cry 
3. The Faithless
4. Into the Abyss of Sorrow 
5. Beyond this Emptiness 
6. Apocalyptic Holy War 
7. Restless Spirits 
8. In Ancient Beliefs
9. The Bataan Death March
10. Outbreak of Evil (Sodom cover)
11. Alone and Cold

Origin - USA
Style - Death Metal

" Formed in 1990...Deteriorot finally releases its 2nd full length album....Following 2001's brilliant 'In Ancient Beliefs' "

" Its only been 9 years ...But some move slower than others....And I can dig that if its worth the wait!.......Fucking eh rite......These Death ridden bastards know what the hell Death Metal is all about...Mostly dominating on the slower Doom-Death ridden tracks..Ala early Autopsy....Incantation "

" This shit moves at a menacing crawl at its best..And really coins the term Death Metal....Cause it feels like Death indeed !...People: This is how to do a heavy record without noodling or wanking away on a million notes per second...Couple this with a very organic sound and this will stand out amongst the newer Death Metal Tribes "

" For the love of god !....Or lack there of....Please don't take so long to do another record !.....We need this kind of stuff..To keep the flame burning ! "

Go Ahead !......Get It!