Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Calm Hatchery - Sacrilege of Humanity (2010)

1. Rattlesnake's Dream
2. Sea of Truth
3. Messerschmitt
4. We Are the Universe
5. Mirror Giants
6. Hymn of the Forgotten
7. Them
8. Lost in the Sands
9. Those Who Were 
10. Shine for the Chosen One
11. The Blood of Stalingrad

Origin - Poland
Style - Death Metal

" 4 years after their debut...The very underrated "El Alamein" comes Calm Hatchery's sophomore release..... Another Killer album !  "

" These Butcher's from (Slupsk/Wejherowo/Bytów) don't profess to be old school or new school or deathcore or any other fucken thing....Just Death Metal played in a melodic,Technical,Crushing fashion bringing to mind Decapitation,Morbid Angel but doing it in a fresh and exciting way. This record exudes sinister riffs and awesome technical solo's done with great thought and no filler....These guys know how to write songs !.....From the opening of 'Sea Of Truth' C.H. display bruising but catchy riffs and deep vocals that fit in perfectly. I always think that the difference between good and great records is in the little nuances..And this LP has them in spades...From the backing vocal shouts to the Middle Eastern influenced solo's to the short but to the point tracks "

" Sitting in my office this morning and here comes 'Lost In The Sands' cranking from my speakers(And drowning out the fucken phones !) with its head banging crushing riffs and classical inspired solo..Simply Awesome !.....Now I was a huge fan of this band when they formed and really dug their debut...But these five have turned it up a few notches with this release and I for one think it is one of the best of 2010 "

" Maybe I just needed some Polish Death Metal to get me going?.....As there has been a slight lapse lately...But this really hits the spot and makes me a bigger fan of the Death Metal - Polish Style....If you dig Jackhammer drums,Sepentine Lead guitars,Sinister Riffing and Deathly vocals this will put a dent in your head today....I mean- Watch out for the corner of the desk !....Those bastards are sharp "

Overall, balance is the key to “Sacrilege of Humanity.” By creating a fine blend of technical, brutal, and darkly melodic elements, Calm Hatchery finds the perfect middle ground between older and new styles of Death Metal. “Sacrilege of Humanity” is about as good as death metal comes nowadays. Or even twenty years ago, for that matter.......Word !

Check Them Out here

Happy Holidays People !.....
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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Brutally Deceased - Dead Lovers' Guide (2010)

1. Lustful Sodomy in the Houser of God
2. Dead Lovers' Guide
3. Blissful Desecration
4. They Shall Feast
5. ...And Here I Die Forsaken
6. A Life Once Aborted
7. Demise of the Human Swine
8. All That Rots and Withers
9. Override of the Overture (Dismember Cover)

Origin - Czech Republic
Style - Death Metal

" What in the hell is going on in the Czech Republic ?......First Morbider....Now this pack of destroyers called Brutally Deceased and their debut record 'Dead Lovers' Guide' "

" All the Swedish Death Metal worship may be weighing on alot of folks out there...Including me...However when the music is done with such ferocity and power,One cannot help but sit and take notice. This is straight Dismember worship of the highest order....Done to a tee...Except the vocals are a bit lower in range and there are more blasts than in the golden age "

" This record took me my surprise at the sheer crushingness and powerful production....Of course its as if I have heard these tracks before....The Riffs.....Crushing interludes and all !
'Demise of the Human Swine' being my favorite song off a 33 minute short but to the point Lp.
You simply cannot deny that these boys have done their homework and have created a un-original but great listen "

Fans of Swedish Death Metal.....Dismember,Entombed ....All the early stuff should dig this !

Go to Lavadome Productions and buy a Cd and T-shirt now !

Disciples Of Obscurity !...........Get It!
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Hooded Menace / Coffins - 7" Vinyl Split (2010)

1. Hooded Menace - The Haunted Ossuary

2. Coffins - In Bloody Sewage

Origin - Finland,Japan
Style - Death Metal/Doom Metal

" How can you go wrong ?.....When you put 2 devastating bands on one 7" vinyl....Get some creepy fucken  artwork and release it in limited colored vinyl....Well?.....You cant go wrong !...And Doomentia records put this seething bastard of a single out and it is heavy as a mother fucker "

" First up is (Joensuu) Finlands own Hooded Menace...Easily one of my personal favorites over the last 3 years or so. Lasse Pyykkö has a penchant for writing sludgy creepy riffs that are very catchy and always memorable and "The Haunted Ossuary" is no different. With its heavy riff and quality solo's and crushing vocals.....These guys can do no wrong in my book ! .....Awesome!! "

" Coffins is on side B and here we have more of their suffocating brand of Death/Doom Metal...Alot less polished than H.M. but quite effective all the same....Coffins always sounds like they recorded their tracks with the amps and levels on 10 all the way across. This shit is punishing all the time...No let ups..No mellow parts....Maybe more of an aquired taste....But none the less absurdly heavy ! "

For the cost of a dinner out at Burger Queen...You can own a limited piece (100 splatter vinyl,400 regular) of Death Metal Goodness....Go get it !

Never Cross The Dead !.......Unless You Are The Dead !

Friday, December 10, 2010

Crypticus - The Rites Of Infestation - Ep (2010)

1. Ceremonial Surgery
2. The Hungerer
3. Baron of the Dark
4. Enter the Realm of Death (Runemagick Cover)

Origin - USA
Style - Death Metal

" Well I received an e-mail from Patrick Bruss (Crypticus,Tombstones,Ribspreader) about a new digital Ep he had put together and being a fan of the blog(hopefully) He asked me to give it a spin and spread it around the net....First of all: My apologies to Patrick (Sorry it took so long brother)..Secondly: Goddamn right I gave it a whirl and here are my thoughts "

" If you are into the sinister leanings of horror inspired Death Metal in any way...This man knows what he is doing. If you dig Hooded Menace and such acts....You cannot go wrong here !....4 tracks of well produced Old sounding (stylistically) Death Metal in the true Scandinavian tradition. What hits me right away is the cavernous vokills....This shit is scary and sounds like the creature is rising up to grab you by the leg and skullfuck you to death...."

" You get One track from the upcoming album "The Nexus Of Death", (due 2011) one
reinvented demo track, one exclusive new track, & a cover of the RUNEMAGICK
classic "Enter The Realm Of Death"....Ans some killer artwork I might add (Can I get a full size litho for the mancave please ). And dont forget the drumnmer Brynjar Helgetun (Paganizer,Ribspreader,The Grotesquery) and you have a nice 'Free" Ep available for download off of Crypticus web site or myspace "

You have to say Hailz to Patrick and other artists out there making the music we love and giving it away for free...Maximum Respect sir !....But support these projects when you get the chance (Cds,Tshirts) and Im sure everyone will be happy....Nuff said

Crypticus (Website) Razorback records

Crypticus (Myspacey)

Check it Out !......Now !
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Friday, December 3, 2010

Underworld Compilation #2 - Best Of Swedish Death Metal 7" Eps

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal


1. Crypt Of Kerberos - The Ancient War ( from 'Cyclone of Insanity' 7")
2. Nihilist - When Life Has Ceased ( from 'Drowned' 7")
3. Nirvana 2002 - The Awakening Of... ( From 4way split 7")
4. Traumatic - The Morbid Act of Rape Incision (from 'The Morbid Act of Rape Incision' 7")
5. Crematory - Chunks Of Flesh (from 'Denial' 7")
6. Cauterizer - Chained To Reality (from 'Then The Snow Fell....'Cassette Ep)
7. Sorcery - Rivers Of The Dead (from 'Rivers of the Dead' 7")
8. Abhoth - The Tide (from 'The Tide' 7")
9. House Of Usher - Revengeance (from 'On The Very Verge' 7")
10. Expulsion - With Aged Hands (from 'A Bitter Twist Of Fate' 7")
11. Centinex - Eternal Lies (from 'Transcend the Dark Chaos' Cassette Ep)
12. Chronic Decay - Ecstasy In Pain (from 'Ecstasy in Pain' 7")
13. Toxaemia - Another Life,Another Death (from 'Beyond The Realm') This EP was released on the Seraphic Decay compilation CD
14. Wombbath - Several Shapes (from 'Several Shapes' 7")
15. Afflicted - Viewing The Obscene (from 'Ingrained' 7")


1. Utumno - Saviour Reborn (from 'The Light Of Day' 7")
2. Unleashed - The Dark One (from 'And The Laughter Has Died...'7")
3. Absurd - Drained Of Body Chemicals (from 'Drained of Body Chemicals' 7")
4. Grave - Tremendous Pain (from 'Tremendous Pain' 7")
5. Goddefied - Inhumation Of Shreds (from 'Abysmal Grief' 7")
6. Macabre End - Spawn Of Flesh (from 'Consumed By Darkness' 7")
7. Carbonized - No Canonization (from 'No Canonization' 7")
8. Dismember - Skin Her Alive (from '7" Picture Disc')
9. Therion - Asphyxiate With Fear (from 'Time Shall Tell' 7" )
10. Morpheus - The Third Reich 3797 A.C. (from 'In The Arms Of...' 7")
11. Grotesque - Blood Runs From The Altar (from 'Incantation 7")
12. Merciless - Branded By Sunlight (from 'Merciless/Comecon split 7")
13. Belsebub - Chemical Warfare (from 'Elohim' 7" )
14. Dawn Of Decay - Into The Realm Of Dreams (from 'Into the Realm of Dreams' 7" )
15. Pan.Thy.Monium. - III (from 'Dream II' 7")

Ok People....Finally got this done..Took me 3 fucking days to put this together.....But I think you will agree it was worth it ! 
I basically put all my favorite tracks from my favorite 7" from the day and a couple cassettes into what was supposed to be one Cd....Got so many tracks I had to make two Cds....Sure you wont mind.....Anyways....Tons of rare and awesome stuff here....Not going to go into each track..Just know these bands:Well known and some unknown ALL KICK ASS !

If someone wants to create some artwork for this...Send it to me via email and I will post it...Be Creative

Go Ahead !........Get It!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Necronaut - S.T. (2010)

1.Crimson Fields
2.Twilight At The Trenches
3.In Dark Tribute
4.Soulside Serpents
5.Infecting Madness
6.After the Void
7.The Lie In Which The Truth Is Buried
8.Returning To Kill The Light
9.Tower Of Death
10.Rise Of The Sentinel

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" Somewhere in Sweden.....Fred Estby (Carnage,Dismember) wakes up one morning and says to himself: I gonna make a record containing all the styes of music I dig all in one package....I will get all my buddies to sing and play leads on all the tracks...It will be fucken ace !  "

" Not sure if thats what really happened....But ol Fred sure did what he set out to do....Make a No-Nonsense Death Metal,Sludge,Stoner,Doom,Heavy Metal record...Are you with me? Basically this Disc is a compilation of a shit pot full of styles of heavy music with a dirty buzz to them "

" With a laundry list of fellow musicians and some cool tunes he wrote... he has managed to pull off a project that would surely fail in most cases. Starting with an intro which later features Chris Reifert(Autopsy) you get 9 more tracks of Swedish goodness...Ranging from Iron Maiden style guitars in 'Soulside Sepents' to the Black Sabbathy 'After The Void'. This shit is bass heavy buzzing style Metal with an emphasis on crude Death Metal riffs..Then tack on guest vocals and guest lead guitars in almost every track and we have a winner folks ! "

This aint no technical wankery see how many notes we can play in one song garbage...No siree....This is basic,heavy,catchy fucken Metal !

Here is the list of guests:

1. Crimson Fields- Chris Reifert (Vocals)(Autopsy)
2. Twilight At The Trenches- Andreas "Drette" Axelsson (Vocals)(Tormented,ex-Edge Of Sanity)
3. In Dark Tribute- Hellbutcher (Vocals), Tyrant (Lead Guitar)(Nifelheim)
4. Soulside Serpents- J.B (Vocals), Robert "Strings Dahlqvist (Lead Guitar,
Robert Pehrsson (Lead Guitar)
5. Infecting Madness- Chris Reifert (Vocals)(Autopsy), Uffe Cederlund (Lead Guitar)(Nihilist,Entombed)
6. After The Void- Joakim Nilsson (Vocals), David Blomqvist (Lead Guitar)(Dismember)
7. The Lie In Which The Truth Is Buried- Fred Estby (Vocals) , Nicke Andersson
(Lead Guitar)(Death Breath)
8. Returning To Kill The Light- E (Vocals)(Watain), J.B. (Lead Guitar)(Grand Magus)
9. Tower Of Death- Nicke Andersson (Vocals)
10. Rise Of The Sentinel- Tomas Lindberg(Vocals)(At The Gates), David Blomqvist (Lead Guitar)

As you can see...This has a killer list of guests......

Come On Down !.........And See !
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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Desultory - Counting Our Scars (2010)

1. In A Cage
2. Counting Our Scars
3. Ready To Bleed
4. This Broken Halo
5. The Moment Is Gone
6. Uneven Numbers
7. Dead Ends
8. Leeching Life
9. A Crippling Heritage

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" Desultory were always underrated in my book.....Seemingly always compared to Entombed,Dismember....They never sounded like the two aforementioned legends and sorta had their own thing going. Thought of as a second tier band by many....They had a decent career up until a change in musical direction derailed the once mighty Swedish band "

" Skip forward from 1994s 'Bitterness'(The last of the old style records) and we have arrived at a new record a new attitude and a new record deal with Pulverised records. When bands reform and make a come back I always assume a bit of a letdown.....This is NOT the case here ! A new found energy and 9 new tracks are refueling Desultory back into the spotlight "

" Right off the bat you get god damn catchy riffing and tompa style vocals...All set up by a heavy yet clear production. This Lp reminds me of Evocation's 2008 masterpiece 'Dead Calm Chaos' a amalgam of really grinding yet catchy(I know I said it twice already)tracks with just that right amount of melodic touches to keep it sounding fresh. There is not a dud to be found across the 9 lessons in Swedish mastery..All having a hook and groove done in the Swedish way "

" This was sent by a loyal follower and we thank him very much for this !.......Now go out and order this disc and enjoy one of the better rides of the year in my opinion...Please buy CDs and support the underground....I know this gets old hearing this...But it is imperative that we keep buying Cds and digital downloads to keep the artists and record companies alive to put out such great artistry as this...Rant over...Now Get It! "

By the way: Finally have computer problems fixed (Well if you can imagine a pc being thrown out of a truck going 70 mph down a hill being fixed) I finally stepped up to a IMAC and am enjoying the fruits of a perfect setup....Maybe I will post more than once a month from now on?????

Excellent Album !.......Buy It!
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Friday, November 26, 2010

Svart Crown - Witnessing The Fall (2010)

1. Where The Light Ends
2. Colosseum
3. Dogs Of God
4. Nahash The Temptator 
5. Here Comes Your Salvation
6. Into A Demential Sea 
7. An Eternal Descent
8. Strengh Higher Than Justice
9. Incestuous Breath
10. Of Sulphur And Fire

Origin - France
Style - Black/Death Metal

" Well now.....Didn't see this one coming !......Sophomore release from the french quartet Svart Crown..See's these lads step into the forefront with the big boys of the genre "

" This record combines a caustic,explosive meld of Blackened Death Metal that I have not heard in quite a while. This record is both relentless and pummeling yet with key riff changes and mighty breakdowns to keep it from getting boring. After a short intro we are introduced to a giant of a track 'Colosseum' with its outstanding riffs and evil ambiance...Next up 'Dogs Of God' again with brutal riffs and evil atmosphere..Here we see the first of a few crushing breakdowns that force you to take notice and feel that these four mean business "

" Track 4 'Nahash The Temptator' is another serious crusher with its catchy riffing and stomping breakdown...Building up and delivering a knock out blow after 4 minutes. I think after listening to this LP more than 10 times through it is primarily a Death Metal record but its the sinister Blackened leanings that set this apart from tons of other shit this year....Easily making my top 10 so far ! "

" There's just something about certain records that push the boundaries of brilliance and this is certainly one of them....From the mostly Death Vocals to the absolutely mean guitar work and the machine like drums....Forget all other Black/Death metal releases this year...You cannot fuck with this one !...Its that good "

It may be 27 degree's outside....But it feels like I'm on fire while listening to this !

Go Ahead !....Get It !
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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Forbidden - Omega Wave (2010)

1. Alpha Century
2. Forsaken at The Gates
3. Overthrow
4. Adapt Or Die
5. Swine
6. Chatter
7. Dragging My Casket
8. Hopenosis
9. Immortal Wounds
10. Behin The Mask
11. Inhuman Race
12. Omega Wave

Origin - USA
Style - Thrash Metal

" I am old !.....Its been 22 years since I was fortunate enough to share the stage with a young 2nd wave of Bay Area Thrash Metal band Forbidden..Ahh those were the days...Now 13 years after their last full length (Green)..A Heavy but more groovish metal & Less Thrash Metal album...Comes the reforming and now a new record ! "

" Forbidden was raw but great then....They are fucking awesome now !....Armed with 10 new tracks and a couple intros...The boys are back in town to pick up where "Twisted Into Form" left off. First off what hits you is the bombastic production and then the crushing guitars of Craig Locicero(OG member) & Steve Smyth(Nevermore,Testament) bringing the heavy riffs and old school trade off solo's...Simply put..Brilliant ! "

 " All bullshit aside...Russ Anderson always brought a different style than most voices in the Thrash Metal game...Almost a Power Metal voice if anything with the higher range than most. I'm here to tell you now : There is not a better voice in Thrash Metal today PERIOD ! This guy can do it all..A deadly combo of Halfordism's and his own ballsy gruff style....Fuk this guy can sing !!! "

" Highlights include "Forsaken At The Gates" a true Thrash Anthem for today !
"Overthrow" with its heavy riffs and gang choruses. "Hopenosis" with its sheer brilliant vocals and memorable riffs(I'm sure I've played this track 50 times already) & "Behind The Mask" with its angry demeanor and catchy riffs (Check out the scream at the end.Brings back alot of memories)Maximum respect..I only wish I could still do that shit "

" I don't want to leave out Mark Hernandez's(Vio-Lence,Heathen) drumming and Matt Camacho's(OG member) bass which brings the album all together and makes it the force that it is"

 Omega Wave is the best pure Thrash Album since Testament's "The Gathering".....And as much as I have enjoyed the new wave of Thrash Metal upstarts.....This blows them to the wind !
60 minutes of Catchy,Crushing music..Regardless of Genre with brilliant performances all around.
Catch them on tour with Evile,Gama Bomb,Bonded By Blood...Should be epic !

Where the Fuck you been?......Now Its Time !
In The Box......(Get It?)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Underworld : Compilation Volume 1 (2010)

1. Ascended - Mesmerizing Stench
2. Feral - Judas
3. Tribulation - Crypt of Thanatophilia
4. Hatespawn - Death Cult
5. Blood Mortized - Mortized of Blood
6. Casket - Carcass
7. Hooded Menace - Terror Castle
8. Laethora - Clothing of the Dead
9. Miasmal - Abduction of the Soul
10. DevilHorn - Humans Torn Apart
11. Vicious Art - Ceremony of the Waiting Waters
12. Maim - Ascending from the Grave
13. Abccession - Litany of the Sepent God
14. The Zombi - Reanimated
15. Immolation - Majesty and Decay
16. Martriden - The Art of Death Infernal
17. Crocell - Winter is Coming

Origin - Sweden,Finland,Germany,USA,Denmark
Style - Death Metal

" Well Im bored with music lately....So I decided to come up with some compilations of some of my favorite tunes....Perfect for a CD or your Ipod.
Now each comp will be music that fits a genre or theme or some other shit Im gonna make up.....Anyway.... 76+ mins of some of the best Death Metal to ring in my ears in the last couple of years....All great bands....Songs...Attitude....Evilness....Just right for that road trip or just kranking up !

Enjoy this CD......More shit coming !

Go Ahead !....Get It!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Autopsy - The Tomb Within - Ep (2010)

1. The Tomb Within 
2. My Corpse Shall Rise
3. Seven Skulls
4. Human Genocide
5. Mutant Village

Origin - USA
Style - Death Metal

" Happy to see the Masters of filthy Stinking Rotten Death Metal back with a new Ep ! "

" This is raw and suitably old sounding....Murky..Doomish....Death Metal with that "Mental Funeral" type feel...And Chris Reifert's raw shouts and barks never sounded better !....Also Dont you think the artwork even has that old appeal? "

" Autopsy has influenced countless numbers of bands....Some good...Alot terrible.....But no one can deny the legendary status of this crew of zombies "

Now a reunion tour !.........Catch them at all costs....There has never been a more important band in Death Metal history.....

Now bring on the Full length !

Murder In The Front Row !
Check It !

Hail of Bullets - On Divine Winds (2010)

1. The Eve Of Battle
2. Operation Z 
3. The Mukden Incident
4. Strategy Of Attrition
5. Full Scale War
6. Guadalcanal
7. On Choral Shores
8. Unsung Heroes
9. Tokyo Napalm Holocaust 
10. Kamikaze
11. To Bear The Unbearable

Origin - Netherlands
Style - Death Metal

" Well......Here we have the 2nd full-length from the war mongers Hail Of Bullets....Featuring...Ahh fuck it..You know who's in this band...On to the album ! "

" Last time the album was placed in the war at the eastern front in germany....This time the war in the pacific..And the threat of the Japanese empire expanding..only to be crushed in the end.
Now a band with this pedigree and the production by Mr. Dan Swano has to be great right?...Oh hell yes !!.....You just cannot teach this sort of power and unstoppable force that is H.O.B. "

" If Blood & Guts Death Metal played by top musicians and raw vocals is your thing....Just buy this when it comes out....Period. For one thing...You cannot get a more crushing and crisp production than that of 'On Divine Winds" absolutely devastating. Goddamn catchy riff after riff and the notorious vocals of one Martin Van Drunen. One thing missing from most of the new Death Metal releases is a groove or memorable riff....Here you have plenty...Take the fantastic 'The Mukden Incident' or 'On Choral Shores' with its doomy atmosphere "

" I remembered more about this record after one spin than I have about the last 50 Lps combined !.......The best album I have heard this year !

If you miss Bolt Thrower's type of pounding Death Metal......Hail Of Bullets is here to take the war to you !......Believe it !

Raw !.......Barbaric !.......Essential !
Now Get It!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Horrendous - Sweet Blasphemies - Demo (2010)

1. The Mystic
2. Ridiculous Flesh 
3. Reanimated
4. Putrid Rebirth
5. Disintegrating Into Obscurity

" Matt from Dark Descent Records sent me this demo and asked if I would check it out.....Thank the Devil he did....Cause this shit kills "

" Now you have read my disdain for the overkill of O.S.D.M. bands popping up every hour on the hour...As they are mostly lame,thrown together,buzzy sounding,not a memorable riff,black & white artwork nonsense...Where there is no sense on song writing or anything you could call memorable....Here's where Horrendous has done such a good job on this debut demo "

" Went down into the basement where the mancave is and proceded to crank this puppy..And holy shit I had to run to the computer and see where these fuckers were from !Sweden I thought?....Ahh no...East Coast...Good ole USA. Now this demo has everything I have not been hearing lately: Crushing riffs,Rough edged Vokills,A snippet of melody,And that Swedish groove that is missing from todays artist's...Except maybe Feral and a few others "

" Old Entomed would be a good start when describing these five tracks of Flesh-Ripping Death Metal !.....These guys are on to something here...And I hope there is a full-length in the worx...Cause 18.5 minutes is not long enough "

This limited edition is available on Blood Red Cassette and only 200 pieces...So go to the webstore and buy it !......Hurry..This will be on egay for twice as much when everyone jumps on the train.

Best Demo I have heard in ages.....Period !

Dark Descent Records
Skeleton Plague Records

And by the way...Matt said to share this with all of you...Because he gets it !.....Any publicity is good publicity...Just look at Madonna....What the fuck?....Did I just come with a Madonna reference?.........Bad week to quit sniffin glue !

Go Ahead !....Get It!
Its here....and There...
Track 5 re-upped....Goddamn media fire

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What the hell is up people?

First off.....I apologize for a serious lack of posting this year !.....Things have been changing and have not afforded me the time to do so. That being said: I am finally moved into the new Casa and am starting to return to normal.

It doesn't seem to me its been a particularly great year for Metal in general....But there has been some good shit...And more coming hopefully.

Lets hear some stuff you fans have been listening too and really digging !

I myself have really been into my old Thrash roots lately.....Channel Zero,Destruction,Exodus,Deathrow.....A lot of Technical Thrash Metal !

Maybe there is some good Black Metal,Death Metal,Thrash Metal...Anything I may have missed and should check out - Or even anything old you have been blasting !...Or maybe something you are looking for......Gimme some ideas !


Saturday, July 31, 2010

Utumno - Across the Horizon - Ep (2010) Reissue

1. The Light of Day
2. I Cross The Horizons
3. In Misery I Dwell 
4. Saviour Reborn
5. Sunrise
6. Emotions Run Cold
7. Saviour Reborn
8. In Misery I Dwell
Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal
" Re-issue of cult Ep from 1995, recorded at Studio Sunlight with Thomas Skogsberg, featuring Jonas Stahlhammar from God Macabre / Macabre End /Bombs Of Hades(nowadays singer in the re-formed The Crown). Cover art Kristian Wahlin (Dissection, Emperor, Tiamat), 2 bonus tracks(The Light of Day-Single) and re-mastered by Mike Wead (King Diamond / Mercyful Fate) "
" People if you dont have this or have never heard it.....Please go to Vic records and buy it !...Pick up a t-shirt too...And be the coolest motherfucker on the planet...Like Me !.....Just kidding....But do listen to this and then seek it out and get it! "
" What we have here is essentially one of the all-time greatest unkown Swedish Death Metal Gems.....Of course A Sunlight production..But now remastered for a much bigger sound without ruining it. One of the best Vocalists ever..And still doing his thing I might say....Progressive sounding Death Metal before progressive meant 20 min long songs and wearing bell bottoms "
Truly legendary stuff here..And damn cool that its been re-issued !
Like GodMacabre !....Only Different!
Its there....

Friday, July 30, 2010

Demiurg - Slakthus Gamleby (2010)

1. Life Is A Coma 
2. Death Grasp Oblivion
3. Travellers Of The Vortex
4. The Cold Hand Of Death
5. Cold Skin
6. From Laughter To Retching

7. Slakthus Gamleby
8. World Burial

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" The lineup in this 'super' group is quite astounding......Rogga Johansson (every Death Metal band in Sweden), Dan Swano (Every band in Sweden),Ed Warby (every band in Holland) Etc....Well maybe ive gone too far....But you get the idea of the pedigree here within "

" Here we have Demiurg's 3rd full length.....Does it sound like Edge Of Sanity?.....Yes......Gorefest?...Yes......Paganizer?...Yes......A bit of all those bands are contained within..However there are much more progressive parts adding to the crushing Death Metal this time. Keyboards ala Swano's solo project swirl around and behind the tracks....Clean vocals of the Male and female kind...Chanting....and such. "

" Now I have never been a big fan of the female voice in Death Metal....Im Sorry !.....I luvs the women..I surely do....But I just never understood the fascination with having the angelic voice aginst the punishing sounds of death. To me it breaks up tracks and takes the quality down a bit.
That being said: There are some fucking cool tracks on this Lp....With regular Crushing Death Metal riffs in almost every song.....With some nice Doom ridden areas and Melodic guitar work...Take for instance 'Travellers Of The Vortex'...Has really good atmospheric melodic guitar passages and creepy vocals to go with it.Vocals: Rogga is awesome...Master of the growling and higher pitched screams..Spot on and goes well with the doomy tracks.Clean voice sounds like Candlemass...Its a take it or leave it affair. Female voice?.....Nice in church...Not on a Death Metal record (my humble opinion) "

All in all a fine record with alot of variation and progressive touches to it...If you dug later Edge Of Sanity..You more than likely will get into this. If you were hoping for a Old Sounding Death Metal Record...Uhhh look elsewhere......The production is crisp but sounds more in the Bloodbath vein than an old Grave or Entombed Lp

Nice To Be Back !.......I apoligize to my faithfull followers !
Now.....Get It!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Torture Division - Evighetens Dårar III - Demo (2010)

1. The Axe Murderer 
2. Under Fire Command
3. Ravishing Rampage Sluts
4. Evighetens Dårar

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" Part 3 of Torture Divisions latest installment of demo's "

" Just the track 'The Axe Murderer' is enough to get this.....All 10 seconds "

" Swedish....Brutal....Death....Metal at its finest !.....That is all you need to know....Oh yeah...And its produced by Dan Fucken Swano "

T.D. does all this for free...Go to their site and donate or buy something..So these guys will keep putting out more music !

Go Ahead !.......Get It!
over here.....

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mastication - Wicked Material Sanity - Compilation (2010)

1. Intro
2. Freedom's Death
3. Shreds Of Sanity
4. Material Assassin
5. Unholy Wickedness
6. Satanized
7. Outro

8. Obscure Desolation
9. Satanic Verses
10. What Life Has Brought

11. Angelic Darkness
12. The Book With No Pages

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" Necroharmonic is calling this a split.....Ok...But to me it is a compilation...Yes 3 bands..But all intertwined with each other. What we have here is another of the cool as fuck remastering of old demo's.....Namely Mastication,Exhumed,Egypt to be precise "

" Obscure Death Metal from the Classic 1st Generation of Swedish Death Metal ..From 1990 + 1991 " Cd Contains The Demo Recordings of each band includes members who also made the darkness known as EXCRUCIATE , UNANIMATED , NECROPHOBIC , DISMEMBER and NIFELHEIM ....Exhumed ( sweden ) formed in 1990 and made a single Demo "Obscurity " , Later band members formed MASTICATION with the intent to finish the mission of Death Metal !!! This release contains bonus tracks from side band EGYPT who were the final chapter before members concentrated on thier next ( main) acts...Such as MORPHEUS ( swe) and later GRAVE... "

" Mastication is up first : Formed in 1990 in (Upplands Väsby)..Mastication released two demo's then disappeared..Only to reappear in many other great bands. This is legitimate shit here...Sunlight produced..Heavy as Fuck and brutal for the time.....Very much reminds me of Excruciate..Who the singer would later join. Absolute top notch Death Metal and a classic example of the power of the early days ! "

" Exhumed formed in 1989 in Stockholm and only released a single demo before changing name to Morpheus.....But thats a story for another day. On this the 'Obscurity' Demo Exhumed were quite a bit more brutal than most other acts of the time...And with it being produced at Sunlight...Had that sound !..Albeit a bit rougher around the edges...It still displayed power and gargantuan riffing"

" That brings us to Egypt....A cult side project of sinister proportions...And featuring members of Carbonized,Excruciate,Blood Mortized etc. Also produced at Sunlight but with a different purpose..Here you have acoustic interludes...Keys....And atmosphere for days..All wrapped in an eeiree production..Surely some of the most cult stuff ever from the day...."

There you have it...An absolute mandatory piece of SDM history.........
Go to the website and buy many things there....They have all kinds of cool shit !

For Now Fuckers !
Get It !.....

Friday, July 2, 2010

Deteriorot - The Faithless (2010)

1. Messages From an Entity 
2. The Phantoms Cry 
3. The Faithless
4. Into the Abyss of Sorrow 
5. Beyond this Emptiness 
6. Apocalyptic Holy War 
7. Restless Spirits 
8. In Ancient Beliefs
9. The Bataan Death March
10. Outbreak of Evil (Sodom cover)
11. Alone and Cold

Origin - USA
Style - Death Metal

" Formed in 1990...Deteriorot finally releases its 2nd full length album....Following 2001's brilliant 'In Ancient Beliefs' "

" Its only been 9 years ...But some move slower than others....And I can dig that if its worth the wait!.......Fucking eh rite......These Death ridden bastards know what the hell Death Metal is all about...Mostly dominating on the slower Doom-Death ridden tracks..Ala early Autopsy....Incantation "

" This shit moves at a menacing crawl at its best..And really coins the term Death Metal....Cause it feels like Death indeed !...People: This is how to do a heavy record without noodling or wanking away on a million notes per second...Couple this with a very organic sound and this will stand out amongst the newer Death Metal Tribes "

" For the love of god !....Or lack there of....Please don't take so long to do another record !.....We need this kind of stuff..To keep the flame burning ! "

Go Ahead !......Get It!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Interment - Into The Crypts Of Blasphemy (2010)

1. Eternal Darkness
2. Torn From The Grave
3. Dreaming In Dead
4. Stench Of Flesh
5. Where Death Will Increase
6. Sacrificial Torment
7. Night Of The Undead
8. Morbid Death
9. The Pestilence

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" Finally a Full-Length from the Swedish legend's........Is it worth the wait? "

" Featuring members of Demonical and the now-defunct Centinex, “Into The Crypts Of Blasphemy” is not just a nostalgia trip of retro-Death but also a lesson in Swedish violence!
I think this record is solid but a bit samey at the same time...Huh..?....Anyways...There's no denying the pedigree in this supergroup of sorts...And they know what the Swedish thing is all about "

" For every crushing riff..(middle part of 'Stench Of Flesh')theres allot of the same tempos and drum usage....Again I'm not saying its bad...Cause its not....I guess I was expecting a little more from being such a huge fan of all the demo material. I'm not sure about the production either...Does it sound authentically Sunlight..Yeah sure....But the clarity is a bit muddled and certain instruments get left behind in quite a few parts "

" I would have to say I like the work on the split with Funebrarum marginally better....But this is a triumphant return for a Swedish legend that finally See's the light of day 20 some odd years later..And hopefully not the last we hear from these (Avesta) Juggernaut's "

Please go out and buy this record !.......Its here Pulverised Records

Forward to the unknown !........Ohh Yeahhh!
Get it!....   Got It!....

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Stench - Reborn in Morbidity - Ep (2009)

1. Reborn in Morbidity
2. Through Crypts of Ghostland
3. Embodied in Chaos
4. Stench of Death

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" Ep on Soulseller records featuring two members of the mighty Tribulation "

" Another of the new Swedish Death Metal band's.....Top quality.....Good production.....Powerful tracks.....This country just continues to boast some of the best old and new bands playing the chosen style "

" If you dig Tribulation.....Eucharist....Etc.   You cant go wrong here......Just one thing......A Full length please...Im greedy Ok !

Buy it here.....Stench and support the scene....

Too drunk to write !......Ahhh whatever !
Right...    Left......

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Undead Creep - S.T. Demo (2010)

1. Intro - Darkest Slumber
2. Final Demise
3. Summoning the Abyss Lord
4. Ritual Slaughter
5. Undead Creep

Origin - Italy
Style - Death Metal

" Italian Death Metal?.......Nahhh fuck that...This is from Sweden..Right?....You know...Sunlight sounding production...Killer Down tuned riffing and tortuous vocals....Sounding much like the classic bands..Entombed,Dismember etc....Released in small quantities on small kick ass labels "

" Sure enough (Palermo, Sicily) is where these Death destroyers hail from....And by the sounds coming from my speakers...Undead Creep are well versed in the ways of old. Its amazing how music of this type comes from all corners of the planet...With only one mission...Total Destruction on the senses ..and ears "

Undead Creep have already signed with Dark Blasphemies Records & Dark Descent Records for a full length later this year.....I highly suggest you go to Undead Creep's site and buy a Cdr or Tape...Shirt...Whatever else you can get your filthy hands on.....Get on board now!

Thanx to the band and kick ass labels for getting this stuff out there...Much Respect !

What are u waiting for?......Buy It!
Check It...     Out......

Grave - Burial Ground (2010)

1. Liberation
2. Semblance in Black
3. Dismembered Mind
4. Ridden With Belief
5. Conquerer
6. Outcast
7. Sexual Mutilation
8. Bloodtrail
9. Burial Ground

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" When I think of legendary Swedish Death Metal....Grave comes to mind as one of the first!...Heaviest!...And most consistent bands of the early era. Move forward to 2010 and here we have their 9th studio release.....And while I will always dig the massive 'Into The Grave' and the Catchy as fuck 'Soulless' albums....Lets see what the old dogs have? "

" Well the old saying 'You cant teach old dogs new tricks' seems to apply here....Only this isnt a cut down of the Lp...Its just the kind of murky,rumbling,doomy Death Metal I like !...Nothing new...No studio trickery....Just hard as fuck Death Metal with some time changes to give it a nice flavor "

" Believe me...This tastes good...From 'Semblance in Black' with its seething Doom ridden riffs to the straight forward re-recording of the demo track 'Sexual Mutilation' (Anyone remember that demo?). The tempo and arrangements are simple but thought out and very effective...Again with many a Doomish section adding to the overall atmosphere "

Look....You can bring all your new school/old school Death Metal bands you want...I really dig alot of them (Better than brootal death metal wankery)...But maxium respect to your elders !...In this case..Grave !,,,Who by the way have been doing this shit since 1988

Keep on!.....Keepin On !
Check this..    or that....

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Entrails - Tales from the morgue (2010)

1. Intro: Tales from the morgue
2. Blood red
3. Voices
4. Breath of blood
5. Entrails
6. Stormy death
7. Euthanasia
8. Evil obsession 
9. Triumph of the sinners
10. The morgue
11. The curse of death

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

Tracks : 1&11 are unreleased
Tracks : 2&7 are from 'Human Decay' Demo (2009)
Tracks : 3,4,5,6,8,9,10 from 'Reborn' Demo (2008)

" Well....Well...I am back from the Frozen tundra of Idaho,Montana,Wyoming.....And after 15 days of temps in the 20s-40s...And no phones,computers,TV.....Just survival of the fittest !.....I get back to have some stuff stacking up "

" lets talk Entrails here....This is their debut full-length..And while you will recognize most of the song titles from the 2 demo's + a couple of new ones...This shit sounds fresh to me !...Probably because of the Mix and Mastering done by Metal God Dan Swano at his Unisound Studio's "

" This is totally legit Swedish Death Metal with that old vibe !.....Some damn eerie solo's and the crushing riffs of early Dismember,Entombed and so on....There are some catchy riffs and buzzsaw style in spades on this Lp...And I for one dig the fuck out of it !.....Has it been done before?...Sure. Is it authentic without being a copy?....Fuckin ehh....Is it powerful?...Hell yes!..Like the Grizzly I saw ..swat the shit out of a grey wolf and steal his kill......Hey...Only the strong survive !  "

Go to the websites or directly from the band and buy this !....Entrails......Or FDA Rekotz (link didnt work right now)...Support the underground !!

Keep it comin Jimmy !..........Its Fucken Nice !
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Thursday, May 27, 2010


Gone for a couple weeks people......Sorry I didnt post earlier.....
Borrowing a computer at a hotel in Jackson Hole,Wyoming.........


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Beyond Hell - And Evil Crept Through...Ep (2010)

1. Invoking The Elder Beasts (Intro)
2. Summoning The End
3. Fall To Thy Knees In Fear
4. Starving For More

Origin - USA
Style - Death Metal

" From out of the heart of the United States comes another terror in the Death/Doom scene...Beyond Hell featuring Elektrokutioner (Decrepitaph,Festered) and a cast of cohorts :Supreme Sicko - Vocals,Ghastly Shredder (a.k.a. Tony P.) - Guitar, Bass"

" 4 tracks of dark heavy Death/Doom ala Decrepitaph, Hooded Menace etc....This Ep still has a touch of melody in there to spice things up..To go along with the murky doom ridden deathtracks"

" Watch for the full length on Dark Descent Records and Skeleton Plague Records coming soon !
Guaranteeing a more doomier and dakened sound than this 4 tracker...."

They Live !.......We Sleep !
Get it...      Got It...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

A few words about the passing of Ronnie James Dio....

Today May 16th,2010.....Metal lost an Icon...Legend....Incredible Voice...And true original Ronnie James Dio...

For me personally...Dio was and will always be one of my favorite singers of all time...
It all started in 1976 with Rainbows 2nd album 'Rainbow Rising'....Then on to 'Long Live Rock&Roll' in 1978...Me cranking it all on a eight track stereo(God damn I'M old! )I'm sure most of you youngsters have never even heard of 8 track before....It was before cassettes...Anyways..It was 1980 when Dio made his best,When he joined Black Sabbath and put out the legendary 'Heaven & Hell' album. Now this album means alot to me then and still is in heavy rotation today.
I was on the way to see Sabbath in 1981 for the Heaven & Hell tour but spent the night in jail instead(But that's a whole other story)All the way to see Heaven & Hell the band reenact that album some 27 years later.

Lets not forget his solo stuff..Which was very cool also...'Holy Diver' was on my radio last night as I was enjoying a bonfire at the beach....'Last In Line' was another of his great recordings.....In the end Ronnie James Dio's music and voice will live on forever and I'm sure he will be fronting whatever great band he appears in..In the afterlife...With Horns raised !.....And shouting: "Look Out"

R.I.P. Ronnie James Dio (born Ronald James Padavona); July 10, 1942 – May 16, 2010


Friday, May 14, 2010

Chronic Decay - Justify Your Existence (2010)

1. Visions 
2. Final Grave 
3. Mirrors of Death
4. Hate Mask 
5. Return to Heaven
6. Everlasting Hate
7. Justify Your Existence 
8. Murder By Degree 
9. No Prayer for the Damned
10. Relentless
11. Silent Prayer 
12. Treachery
13. 1st of September
14. Alko Man Decends

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death/Thrash Metal

" The story of Chronic Decay starts in (Eskilstuna) Sweden in 1987....Originally formed as Hellfire in 1985 Who released a demo called 'Death Revenge' in 86...Later morphed int Chronic Decay and released a Ep in 1990 'Ecstacy In Pain' (Classic stuff) and a legendary split with Exanthema in 1993(also Awesome).....Chronic Decay also appeared on the infamous CBR compilation “Projections of a Stained Mind” (1990) with the track “1st Of September”, and in the “Grindcore” compilation CD (Nuclear Blast, 1993) with two tracks : “Taste For Blood” and “Arbeit Macht Frei” "

" The reason I bring up all the background is to let you see when and where these guys were around and at what time.....Fast forward to 2010 and here we have a Unreleased full-length recorded in 1994 at studio Underground....Brought back from the dead by Me Saco Un Ojo Records...A great new label out of the U.K. "

" I will start by saying....This isn't like the majority of Death Metal that was coming out of Sweden at the time...This is much more Thrashier Punk infested Death Metal played at top speed. The riffing comes exploding out right away and you notice the Hardcore pissed off vocals over the up-tempo tracks...Now there are some cool time changes..But are usually only temporary before taking off again. Sometimes the songs feel like they are careening out of control only to be reigned back in just in the nick of time. 'Hate Mask' sounds like it could be off of 'Beneath The Remains' from Sepultura and 'Murder By Degree' has a great Slayerish breakdown around the 1:36 mark that sounds classic "

" This is a piece of history that has been luckily uncovered !...And even if some of the track's sound samey and end abruptly..This still is a worthy pick up and a Fine album "

Fan's of Sepultura(Old),Pestilence(Malificarus era),Swedish Death Metal with punkish overtones.....Please get to the site and buy this !

Dischange and Meanwhile !.........Get It!
Hear...       Here.....

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Miasmal - S.T. - Ep (2010)

1. Creation of Fire
2. Bionic Godhead Erase

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" Miasmal return's with a two track 7" of what else?......Crushing Swedish Death Metal ! "

" Now those of you who follow this site know I dug Miasmal's demo...I even had the band send me some Cdrs to get out to the fortunate few who ordered. This band's ability to bring the old sound back is awesome and totally true "

" You know what you get here.....On this ep or single....Typical morbid sounding melodies and buzzing guitars...Great shouting vocals and a cool sound reminding of Dismember's Classic 'Reborn in Blasphemy ' Demo "

Ok...Now its time for these guys to get out a full length...There's enough new and strong labels out there who would get to this....

Follow The Left !........Hand Path !
Over....      Here....    And buy it at Detest Records....And all other fine establishments.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Swallowed - S.T. Ep (2010)

1. Unsavorably
2. Black Phlegm
3. The Dying Misted In The Bloodstream

Origin - Finland
Style - Death Metal

" Holy Doom !.......This is without a doubt.....The slowest....Doom drenched...First Black Sabbath sounding tracks I have heard in a long time. Finland's Swallowed had already put out a couple of demo's in the last couple years....But this 7" takes their sound to a new level ! "

" When playing Crushing Doomy Death Metal....One must take into consideration the sound...And the two earlier demo's left a little to be desired. But on this little ditty..We get a much improved production..Albeit still gloomy atmosphere,Crushing wall of guitars,Barely audible Vocal's. But it works !....In a very Autopsy kinda way "

" 13 minutes of Deathly/Doom Metal with some cool time changes and buildups.....All blessed by the Finnish way of doing it ! "

Go to Emptiness Productions and Buy This !

Devastating !...........Must Buy !
Check it...       Uh..huh.....

Monday, May 10, 2010

Disfigured Dead - Visions of Death (2010)

1. Beyond the Darkness
2. The Gates of Hell
3. Screamatorium
4. Mentally Mutilated
5. Welcome to the Morgue
6. The Act of an Unsound Mind
7. Dead But Walking
8. Trapped Between Worlds
9. Visions of Death
10. They Hear Your Heart Beating
11. Possessed Dead
12. Eternally Entombed

Origin - USA
Style - Death Metal

" With all the Old....New Death Metal acts putting out material in the world today....They mostly pay homage to the Swedish Greats....And there is certainly nothing wrong with that...Enter youngsters Disfigured Dead ! "

" Autopsy !.......Death !.......That's what this reeks of !.....Organically produced....Real drums....Vocals from the grave. This is something that gets my attention. With all the Swedish Love out there..It is nice to hear a young band doing it the way their forefathers did !.....Grinding,Thrashy,Not perfect Death Metal...Nasty,Ugly...That's what I'm talkin about "

" This is not a perfect record....As there seldom is....But Disfigured Dead has touched on something that is rare in today's scene....Visions of Death contains an old school vibe that is dirty, somewhat messy at times and flat out abusive....But goddamn entertaining and shows a bright future ahead "

If you are looking for Synthetic....Perfect Death Metal......Get The Fuck Out!
If you are looking for a small piece of the Old School Pie....Grab your plate....Get A Slice !

Go to Hells Headbangers and buy this !

How Do You Like Me Now ?........I Feel Better Already !
Get It.....    Got It......