Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Undead Creep - S.T. Demo (2010)

1. Intro - Darkest Slumber
2. Final Demise
3. Summoning the Abyss Lord
4. Ritual Slaughter
5. Undead Creep

Origin - Italy
Style - Death Metal

" Italian Death Metal?.......Nahhh fuck that...This is from Sweden..Right?....You know...Sunlight sounding production...Killer Down tuned riffing and tortuous vocals....Sounding much like the classic bands..Entombed,Dismember etc....Released in small quantities on small kick ass labels "

" Sure enough (Palermo, Sicily) is where these Death destroyers hail from....And by the sounds coming from my speakers...Undead Creep are well versed in the ways of old. Its amazing how music of this type comes from all corners of the planet...With only one mission...Total Destruction on the senses ..and ears "

Undead Creep have already signed with Dark Blasphemies Records & Dark Descent Records for a full length later this year.....I highly suggest you go to Undead Creep's site and buy a Cdr or Tape...Shirt...Whatever else you can get your filthy hands on.....Get on board now!

Thanx to the band and kick ass labels for getting this stuff out there...Much Respect !

What are u waiting for?......Buy It!
Check It...     Out......


  1. Death WorshipperJune 16, 2010 at 7:42 PM

    Oooff... Buzz saw , Swedish style , Old school smell ... Cool Band!
    Awesome DD , This is the taste I like....

  2. thanks for the cool review!!!
    (I'm adding it on our myspace profile).
    greetings from Italy,

    David (Undead Creep drummer)