Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Grave - Burial Ground (2010)

1. Liberation
2. Semblance in Black
3. Dismembered Mind
4. Ridden With Belief
5. Conquerer
6. Outcast
7. Sexual Mutilation
8. Bloodtrail
9. Burial Ground

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" When I think of legendary Swedish Death Metal....Grave comes to mind as one of the first!...Heaviest!...And most consistent bands of the early era. Move forward to 2010 and here we have their 9th studio release.....And while I will always dig the massive 'Into The Grave' and the Catchy as fuck 'Soulless' albums....Lets see what the old dogs have? "

" Well the old saying 'You cant teach old dogs new tricks' seems to apply here....Only this isnt a cut down of the Lp...Its just the kind of murky,rumbling,doomy Death Metal I like !...Nothing new...No studio trickery....Just hard as fuck Death Metal with some time changes to give it a nice flavor "

" Believe me...This tastes good...From 'Semblance in Black' with its seething Doom ridden riffs to the straight forward re-recording of the demo track 'Sexual Mutilation' (Anyone remember that demo?). The tempo and arrangements are simple but thought out and very effective...Again with many a Doomish section adding to the overall atmosphere "

Look....You can bring all your new school/old school Death Metal bands you want...I really dig alot of them (Better than brootal death metal wankery)...But maxium respect to your elders !...In this case..Grave !,,,Who by the way have been doing this shit since 1988

Keep on!.....Keepin On !
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