Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Entrails - Tales from the morgue (2010)

1. Intro: Tales from the morgue
2. Blood red
3. Voices
4. Breath of blood
5. Entrails
6. Stormy death
7. Euthanasia
8. Evil obsession 
9. Triumph of the sinners
10. The morgue
11. The curse of death

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

Tracks : 1&11 are unreleased
Tracks : 2&7 are from 'Human Decay' Demo (2009)
Tracks : 3,4,5,6,8,9,10 from 'Reborn' Demo (2008)

" Well....Well...I am back from the Frozen tundra of Idaho,Montana,Wyoming.....And after 15 days of temps in the 20s-40s...And no phones,computers,TV.....Just survival of the fittest !.....I get back to have some stuff stacking up "

" lets talk Entrails here....This is their debut full-length..And while you will recognize most of the song titles from the 2 demo's + a couple of new ones...This shit sounds fresh to me !...Probably because of the Mix and Mastering done by Metal God Dan Swano at his Unisound Studio's "

" This is totally legit Swedish Death Metal with that old vibe !.....Some damn eerie solo's and the crushing riffs of early Dismember,Entombed and so on....There are some catchy riffs and buzzsaw style in spades on this Lp...And I for one dig the fuck out of it !.....Has it been done before?...Sure. Is it authentic without being a copy?....Fuckin ehh....Is it powerful?...Hell yes!..Like the Grizzly I saw ..swat the shit out of a grey wolf and steal his kill......Hey...Only the strong survive !  "

Go to the websites or directly from the band and buy this !....Entrails......Or FDA Rekotz (link didnt work right now)...Support the underground !!

Keep it comin Jimmy !..........Its Fucken Nice !
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  1. If you want to live in the morgue , you should have this stuff.