Sunday, August 31, 2008

Destruction - D.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N. (2008)

1. Devolution
2. Elevator to Hell
3. Vicious Circle - the Seven Deadly Sins
4. Offenders of the Throne
5. Last Desperate Scream
6. Urge (the Greed of Gain)
7. The Violation of Morality
8. Inner Indulgence
9. Odyssey of Frustration
10. No One Shall Survive

Origin - Germany
Style - Thrash Metal

" 9th full length(not including the neo-destruction Lps)from the german veterans of thrash "

" With “D.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N.” the band celebrates 25 years of existence – happy anniversary boys!.....So what to expect from DESTRUCTION in 2008 when they decide to take Jacob Hansen to produce, mix and master their compositions? The components are of established quality so the outcome of the equation couldn’t be other than thrash metal of the new millennium. But something is different in “D.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N.” than in the previous post-reunion albums: Long compositions with staccato riffing, a more technical approach to the songwriting with a bit of progressive touch and many more harmonies than the previous albums, some intros to the songs, dirty and screaming vocals… that is reminiscent of something, isn’t? That’s the “Release From Agony” era revisited at least in terms of mentality"

" People..these guys have been doing this since before some of you were born(ouch)...and will continue to put out high quality..never bending thrash metal...
good or average thay are always thrash.....period !

Fucking Butcher !.........Get It!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Swallow The Sun - Plague Of Butterflies (2008)

1. Plague Of Butterflies
2. Through Her Silvery Body
3. Out Of This Gloomy Light
4. Swallow
5. Under The Waves

Origin - Finland
Style - Melodic Doom/Death Metal

" Brand new E.P. ?(more than 60 min)from the doom/death powerhouse"

" What you get is a single new track almost 35 min long.....and the entire demo that got them signed in the first place...long out of print!

" The new track Plague Of The Butterflies can be broke down into a few parts and is quite epic and shows the many sides of the band. From the build-up to the clean vocal parts to the crushing melancholic riffs and even a black metal screech thrown in for good measure...it is something that requires some patience and a few listens to fully get it "

Fans of My Dying Bride,Rapture and the like.....check it out!

No Hope !.....Whatsoever!.......Get It!

Hexen - State of Insurgency (2008)

1. Blast Radius
2. Gas Chamber
3. Past Life
4. Knee Deep in the Dead
5. Chaos Aggressor
6. Bedlam Walls
7. The Serpent
8. No More Color
9. Mutiny and Betrayal
10. Seditions in Peacetime
11. Desolate Horizons
12. State of Insurgency
13. Outro

Origin - USA
Style - Melodic Thrash Metal

" HeXeN?..Another Thrash Metal band from Los Angeles releasing their debut? Doesn't sound too impressive in the beginning, does it? Well, I assure you: these guys really kick ass and – hell yeah – they are impressive!"

" HeXeN "fuses the elements of melody, heaviness, speed, and technicality within the lair of thrash" and the outcome is a versatile and diversified album with a pressing and aggressive sound. The CD starts out with "Blast Radius". This song is the musical version of the awesome cover designed by Ed Repka(megadeth). It is distinguished by high speeds, a somewhat lunatic singing and heavy parts. "Gas Chamber" starts as a high speed thrash blast but surprises with a change in speed and the intake of melodies towards the mid of the song. The highlight of "State Of Insurgency" is "Past Life" which shows technical diversity of HeXeN best. A great chorus, awesome melodies, aggressive shouts and extreme speed make this a great song for moshpits and headbanging "

" Altogether "State Of Insurgency" is a great melodic thrash metal album seeing my cd player to be in almost constant rotation. A very versatile, dynamic and diversified album and a real surprise......Now Go Buy The Fucking Thing !

Thrash Attack !........Get It!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Nihilist - Drowned 7" 1989

1. Severe Burns
2. When Life Has Ceased

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" This band was actually only around for 2 years ..but left a huge influence on all death metal coming out of sweden and the world"

" Featuring members that would go on to be Entombed,Unleashed etc....There is no way to deny their legendary status !....Here is the 7" on Bloody Rude Defect Records "

Buzzsaws!..........Get It!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sinister - The Silent Howling (2008)

1. Republic of the grave
2. Summit of sacrifice
3. Fortified bravery
4. The silent howling
5. The kill to come
6. Palace of the fates
7. If it bleeds...

Origin - Netherlands
Style - Death Metal

" 8th full length of the Dutch wrecking crew"

" "The Silent Howling" still has the usual old school air of the band in it, but it is no less savage and doubtlessly genuine death metal as the trend in the industry today. It's one of those albums that doesn't waste time on intros but jumpstarts with exactly the music that all the base metal heads are looking for. Diabolic speed, guitars searing and twisted to the extreme, plus all the necessary effects to put the listener in a state of deluge - just as the cover art implies, have this album blasting on your speakers and you will know hell. Serious! The richness of detail in the music amid its somehow raw aura simply defines Sinister. With seven tracks that generally range from five to ten minutes, having "The Silent Howling" in your collection would never be a waste of money "

" It's like the album is here to prove that death metal has already been redefined in several different ways today, and to remind us of how it was like before: pure and untarnished death metal incorporated with touches of the modern genre which makes it fit the taste of a metal fan of any generation!

Perpetual Damnation!...........Get It!
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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Furbowl - Those Shredded Dreams (1992)

1. Damage Done
2. Nothing Forever
3. Razorblades
4. Desertion
5. Sharkheaven
6. Those Shredded Dreams

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death/Doom Metal

" Furbowl -- what's in a name? -- is an oddity. To find a category to place this band in is almost impossible. The band consistently denied that they were a death metal band, though conceded to the fact that they would inevitably be placed in that category. In general terms, this would be correct, but what is it that makes it so hard to truly categorize this band? Well, they're not one of anything, but more of many things. The label death-influenced progressive rock/metal I placed on this band sounds ridiculous I admit, but it's simply meant to give you insight into what this band sounds like. I said they were an oddity, and they truly were, but a good one, and a band worth checking out "

" This is their debut and features Johan Axelsson (aka Johan Liiva)of Arch Enemy,Hearse etc. The songs on the album are groovy, fast and heavy, and showcase some amazing lead work throughout and then some doomy dark, punk moments (gasp!)"

" Unfortunately Furbowl remain virtually unknown having been virtually unknown from their inception. This was a truly unique band at the time, the closest resemblance being Entombed with their trademark death 'n' roll style. That is still not an accurate comparison, but its a valid starting point if you're interested "

Dalen...........Requested This....!

Rot And Roll !...........Get It!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

House of Usher - On the Very Verge (1991) E.P.

1. Revengeance
2. Rather black

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" Featuring members of At The Gates,Krypt Of Kerberos,Dark Funeral....These guys were here and gone by 1993 and moved on to bigger things...but they did leave us this two song 7" vinyl death metal gem"

" This little EP delivers pure, fast as fuck, bone-crushing old school death metal...nothing more...nothing less !

Ahhh.......Go Ahead !.....Get It!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Revokation - Reincarnated Souls Of Hell (1999)

1. The old one's abbey
2. Sacrilegious copulation
3. Angel's bane
4. Reincarnated souls of hell

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" Crushing Death Metal Done the old way...Buzzsaw guitars,retched vokills and a dirty,filthy production...mmm good!

" This is the demo Re-released as a 7"EP by Nuclear Winter in April 2004. 550 copies only !.....Get one if you can......

Total Fucking Death !............Get It!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mezzrow - Then Came the Killing (1990)

1. Then Came the Killing
2. Ancient Terror
3. The Final Holocaust
4. Frozen Soul
5. Distant Death
6. Prevention Necessary
7. Where Death Begins
8. The Cross of Torment
9. Inner Devastation

Origin - Sweden
Style - Thrash Metal

" Here is an interesting record for you....Mezzrow was a relative Swedish unknown. They produced only one album and were gone as soon as they had begun "

" Mezzrow played solid Thrash much in the vein of early VIO-LENCE and TESTAMENT. Little melody creeps into their music and its pretty straightforward for the most part. This one album of theirs is quite a good one. Given a good production and being moderately heavy, Then Came The Killing is loaded with power. Considering what was going on at the time(1990 death metal)these guys chose a different path and played the U.S. brand of thrash....Lotsa time changes,shouted vocals.......Gang Style !

Not swedish death metal?......Huh?
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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Godgory - Sea of Dreams (1995)

1. Intro
2. Sick to the Core
3. Walking Among the Dead
4. Inside My Head
5. Sea of Dreams
6. Surrounded by Dreams
7. Corporal Infection
8. Key to Eternity
9. In Silence Forever
10. Deathwish
11. Religious Fantasy

Origin - Sweden
Style - Melodic Death Metal

" Godgory's debut album still retains much of the charm it displayed at the time of its release -- its convincing production, courtesy of Dan Swano's Unisound studios, attains an accurate balance between the mid-tempo guttural heaviness shed by the potent rhythmic section combined with Matte Andersson's powerful vocals and the delicate, crystalline acoustic melodies wisely interspersed throughout the tracks. Godgory's atmospheric death metal debut was, and so remains to this day, a profound and very enjoyable release, graced with generally catchy songwriting, and with the very remarkable and characteristic talents of axemen Stefan Olsson and Micke Dahlquist -- few Scandinavian death metal bands could, at the time, claim to have such proficient and inspired guitarists in their ranks "

" Awe-inspiring solos of both the electric and acoustic variety are in every track and make this record special.....Fans of early Opeth might like some of the acoustic interludes....and the atmosphere that this album has"

Haunted By Voices !...........Get It!
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Friday, August 22, 2008

Amon Amarth - Twilight of the Thunder God (2008)

1. Twilight of the Thunder God
2. Free Will Sacrifice
3. Guardians of Asgaard
4. Where Is Your God?
5. Varyags of Miklagaard
6. Tattered Banners and Bloody Flags
7. No Fear For the Setting Sun
8. The Hero
9. Live For the Kill
10. Embrace of the Endless Ocean

Origin - Sweden
Style - Melodic Death Metal

" 7th full length from the Swedish Clan "

" Full of epic,chest pounding anthems and quite melodic and very catchy. Groove-laced melodic death metal all about Vikings and norse mythology "

These guys are terrific live !.........Catch them if you can....

Thor Arise !...........Get It!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sacretomia - Altar of Sin (1992)

1. Ecthyma
2. Throne of Blood
3. Putrid Remains
4. Altar of Sin

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Death Metal

" One and only demo from Sacretomia who would later reform as Chronic Torment"

" Crushing doom riden death metal....an absolute gem from this era "

These guys were silent until 2006 when they reappeared as Chronic Torment...also crushing Metal Of Death...done the old way"

Metal Of Death !...........Get It!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Paganizer - Born to be Buried Alive (2008) E.P.

1. Flesh Collector
2. Born to be Buried Alive
3. The Morbidly Obscene
4. Carbonized Resurrection
5. The Return of Horror
6. Erare Humanum Death
7. Only Ashes Remain / Promoting Total Death (live)

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Death/Thrash Metal

" Roger Johansson must write death metal in his sleep....this guy has more projects going than anyone else in Metal (Ribspreader,Demiurg,Carve,Those who bring the torture etc) "

" So a new e.p. for paganizer...I hear more old-School Death than anything else. Downtuned buzzsaw riffs and the gory vocals...gotta admit he constantly delivers the goods !

Wardog Injection !..............Get It!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Haunted - Versus (2008)

1. Moronic Colossus
2. Pieces
3. Little Cage
4. Trenches
5. Ceremony
6. Skuld
7. Crusher
8. Rivers Run
9. Iron Mask
10. Faultline
11. Imperial Death March

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Melodic Death/Thrash Metal

" 6th full length from this gothenburg supergroup"

" Im still listening to this...........Review soon.....

Go Ahead !..........Get It!

Monday, August 18, 2008

No Emotions - My Will (2008)

1. Millions…
2. My Will
3. The Useless Flesh
4. Truth and Convention
5. Purity
6. Light of Divinity
7. River Of Lies (truth inside you)

Origin - Ukraine
Genre - Technical Death Metal

" Unrelenting Technical death metal from the Ukraine is on tap here!.....This disc is crushing yet time changes and tempo's make it different than most blastfests"

" Recorded at the mighty Hertz studios(Decapitated,Vader) it is a strong guitar production but the drumming is very technical and blast heavy also. The vocalist has a deep growl that fits nicely and the song structures are quite diff than most...I suppose you could make the Decapitated reference...but not a clone"

This one takes a couple of spins to sink in....to absorb all thats going on....but in the end....what you have is a Hateful,Emotionless(hence the name)brutal album...and I for one Dig this !

Kill At Will !..........Got It!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Traumatic - The Morbid Act of a Sadistic Rape Incision (1991) e.p.

1. The Morbid Act of a Sadistic Rape Incision
2. The Grotesque Mutilation of Infested Organs

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Death Metal

" "Rare" e.p. only 1000 hand numbered copies "

" Around 1990 plenty of death metal bands were founded in sweden..one of the most original and underrated was Traumatic. They were not Entombed clones..but rather played a brand of Grinding/Death metal not heard too much in those days...This is a short e.p....but a great version none the less"

Alvaro requested this !

Get It!..........My Brother!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Revocation - Empire of The Obscene (2008)

1. Unattained
2. Tail From The Crypt
3. Exhumed Identity
4. Fields of Predation
5. Alliance And Tyranny
6. Suffer These Wounds
7. Summon The Spawn
8. None Shall Be Spared (All Shall Be Speared)
9. Stillness
10. Age of Iniquity
11. Empire of The Obscene

Origin - USA
Genre - Technical Death/Thrash Metal

" Holy Fucken cripes !......I didnt see this one coming !....Awesome technical death/thrash from the USA.....Huh? "

" REVOCATION is a technical metal band that combines the power and aggression of the old-school thrash metal style with the twisted musicanship of technical death metal. And I am here to tell you this kills !.....Astounding riffery,mind blowing drums,Dimebag like solos,huge vocals of both the gutteral and the thrashy mid-range style,outstanding bass playing to support the massive production.....Im running out of fucking things to say about this record "

" If you are into ruthless,inventive tech death/thrash this could be your Gold Medal winner for 2008 !........I shit you not....Buy this record ! Period.

Get Going !...Or Get Out Of The Way !

Friday, August 15, 2008

Projections of a Stained Mind (1991) Compilation

1. Entombed - Forsaken
2. Mayhem - Carnage
3. Grotesque - Spawn Of Azathoth
4. Therion - Future Conscience
5. House Of Usher - Battle Of Spectrum
6. Merciless - Nuclear Attack
7. Unleashed - The Dark One
8. Nirvana 2002 - Mourning
9. Chronic Decay - 1st Of September
10. Dismember - Sickening Art
11. Mayhem - The Freezing Moon
12. Merciless - The Book Of Lies
13. Macrodex - Cremation
14. Traumatic - A Putrid Reek Of Mangled Remains
15. Tiamat - Ancient Anciety
16. Skull - On A Mission In Blood

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Death Metal

" Compilation of classic Swedish underground bands from the inception of the Swedish death metal subgenre in 1991"

" Towards the beginning of the Death Metal wave C.B.R. records put out this compilation and sent it to the far corners of the world to show metalheads what was going on in sweden....Many of these bands later became famous....some infamous!...But all were at the cusp of something special that still rings true even today !

Here are some of my fave tracks :

1. Entombed - Forsaken captures the elegance of their second album without the excess of swing in its rhythm, being compositionally more of the second but in spirit and playing of their legendary "Left Hand Path."

5. House of Usher - Battle of Spectrum provides a definitive "Swedish death metal" track that resembles an Unleashed/Dismember hybrid; fast tremolo riffs run into a melodic slow breakdown that ambles like a newly created river.

6. Merciless - Nuclear Attack is what, had they continued to develop, a band like Metallica might have been: violent riffs, a catchy chorus, and enough musical deviation in the latter half to give musicians room for not only well-designed solos but use of drums and bass to higher potential.

8. Nirvana 2002 - Mourning sounds extremely similar to Dismember, from the slow melodic opening to the faster pickup riffs colliding into similar progressions played slower with the impact of dramatic theatre, sliding into choruses that are both vocal hook and flavorfully compact and resolute progressions. Did this later appear on "Like an Ever-Flowing Stream" as "Soon to be Dead"? Members of Entombed shared with Dismember helped produce it. Hmm.

13. Macrodex - Cremation reminds the experienced listener of Finland's Belial: plodding verse riffs and fast choruses with an underlying implication of melody stated in four notes, followed by pure rhythm riffing of a punkish simple nature to offset its impact. This song builds through basic riffs and pocket drumming toward a melodic takedown that is effective but not as repetitively as used here.

14. Traumatic - A Putrid Reek of Mangled Remains opens with a chromatic suspension riff like the one that opens Deicide's "Oblivious to Evil," and then drops into a running downstrum riff that is fantastically catchy but has to set it up against rock-style seizure pauses that play on our desire for forward rhythm with sudden stops; the rest is simple death metal that could be stuck in Florida or Stockholm with no effect on either.

You Know What To Do !......................Get It!


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Vinterland - Welcome My Last Chapter (1996)

1. Our Dawn Of Glory
2. I'm An Other In The Night
3. So Far Beyond... (The Great Vast Forest)
4. A Castle So Crystal Clear
5. As I Behold The Dying Sun
6. Vinterskogen
7. Still The Night Is Awake
8. A Winter Breeze
9. Wings Of Sorrow

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Melodic Black Metal

" VINTERLAND are a somewhat mysterious Swedish band that released this killer album in 1996 and disappeared a short time after that, which is really very sad. After all “Welcome My Last Chapter” offers first-class melodic, intense Black Metal which could be described as a mixture between DISSECTION, old NAGLFAR (“Vittra”)"

" I wouldn't even go as far as to call the tracks "songs" - they mix into a long stream of pure hate and sorrow. That is how I describe the album, pure hate and sorrow incarnated in music. The drums are extremely fast and hard, with double bass through most of the album. The melodies consist of constant harmonies from the guitars. The vocals are raw growls that make the spine shiver from the pure power they contain. On to the band. The band is swedish. There are only three members in Vinterland, Pehr Larsson (strings of vinter, acoustic guitars and backing vocals), Forn Bragman (strings of knight, acoustic guitars, bass and vocals) and Andreas Larsson ("black abyssic thunder" which I guess means drums). The album is released on No Fashion Records and "This work is eternally dedicated to the memory of Gustav Ekbäck" (quote from the booklet).

To finish this review, some words of advice: Go fucking buy this CD. Now.

Wings Of Funeral !..........Get It

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Eructation - Demo (1992)

1. Day of Confusion
2. Foul Feast
3. Consider to Die

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Death Metal

" One and only demo......Old-School Death Metal done the swedish way....."

For connoisseurs........!...Of Bands like Uncanny, Wombbath, Authorize !

Whats Next !..........Get It!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Kaamos - Lucifer Rising (2005)

1. Black Revelation
2. Gnosticon
3. Inaugurating Evil
4. Theriomorphic Pandaemonium
5. Dark Void
6. Lucifer Rising
7. Sacrament In Red
8. Mysterious Reversion
9. Chthonic
10. Ascent

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Death Metal

" These guys sure know how to craft some solid death metal. Kaamos play death metal the Swedish way, not the modern Gothenburg way but the old Swedish way in the vein of early Entombed, Grave, Vomitory and Dismember. This was sadly their last full-length before breaking up...But it is a heavy bastard!

" A comparison can be made with the more widely acclaimed Bloodbath, as they both recreate the sound and feel of death metal's golden era, but done in such an energizing manner that it is impossible to dismiss either as unoriginal rehashes or mere emulation. It seems almost superfluous to comment on various aspects of the album; anyone at all familiar with this kind of music will not be treated to any real surprise, but nor will he think that his money has been wasted by purchasing this album. Definitely recommended.

Blood Of Chaos !.....Get It!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Deny the Urge - Blackbox Of Human Sorrow (2008)

1. Preludium
2. Isolation
3. Open The Gates
4. Challenge Yourself
5. Material God
6. The Veiling
7. Father Of All
8. The Legacy Of War
9. All Of Your Creation
10. Intro
11. The Mask Itself

Origin - Germany
Genre - Technical Death Metal

" This is two killer albums in the same year from the same guys !
Deny The Urge is also some of the members of Headshot (great thrash record...Use search)"

" This record is a mixture of technical Riffing and melodic passages (twin guitars) and explosive solos via Henrik Osterloh and Olaf Danneberg .....These guys are at the top of their game!...I'll take them over the Amott brothers anyday "

" We see them open up with some violin and cello instrumentals before crushing riffery and deep gutteral vocals take over. I cannot stress how good the guitars are....technical,fast,melodic with a terrific production...you can even hear the bass clearly !

" This record just jumped into contention for the end of the year list !.......Yes its that good !

For those of you into catchy..Technical death metal,Scandanavian twin guitars and blistering solos....Look Out !

No Boundaries !..........Get It!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Torture Division - With Endless Wrath (2008)

1. Ejaculation of the Wicked
2. Bludgeoning your Flesh Into Dust
3. We are Torture Division

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Death Metal

" Debut demo from Lord K (Kenth) Philipson - guitar (The Project Hate,Dark Funeral), Tobias Gustafsson - drums (God Among Insects,Vomitory) & Jörgen Sandström - vocals, bass (Grave,Vicious Art) "

" Blasting Death Metal all the way through....A punch in the fucking face of all the shit bands putting out records every day of the week "

Torture Division is so sure you will dig their music they are giving it away for free !
Now their arent to many bands doing that nowadays.....So visit the site....get the music here or there and buy a damn shirt to support a Death Metal Band !

Torture Division

Open The Gates!......And !........Get It!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Torture Division - We Bring Upon Thee (2008)

1. Invoking The Knifer
2. We Bring Upon Thee
3. Terroreyes

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Death Metal

" 2nd release.....and totally free via their website!"

" These veterans are fucking serious about their Death Metal.....With a crushing production via Dan Swano himself....3 tracks that are better than most complete albums !

Torture Chamber Indeed !..........Get It!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Uncanny - Transportation to the Uncanny (1991) Demo

1. Intro
2. Creeping Persecution Behind the Gates
3. Transportation to the Uncanny
4. The Porno Flute
5. Why My Intestines?
6. Outro

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Death Metal

" 1st demo from the (Avesta) Sweden death horde....consisting of members of Katatonia,Centinex etc..."

" Early release produced by Dan Swano at his unisound studios....very underrated band from this era "

Hail Sweden !..........Get It!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Goddefied - Abysmal Grief (1993) E.P.

1. Blaspheme In Blood
2. Zephaniah Dwells
3. Abysmal Grief
4. Spiritually Deceased
5. Left To Die
6. Inhumation of Shreds

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Death Metal

" Recorded and Mixed at Sunlight Studio,Stockhom24 & 25 of June 1992 & 30 and 31 January 1993, Produced by Tomas Skosberg And Goddefied Engineered by Tomas Skogsberg "

" Another Entombed,Dismember worship band.......But a very good one "

" This is their only release.....through the obscure Wild Rags records "

Swedish History !..........Get It!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Obscure Infinity - Beyond the Gate (1992) Demo

1. Beyond the Gate
2. Reign of Darkness
3. Feast of Gore
4. Beneath the Sacred Wave

" Rare 1st release from these swedish crushers !.....Full on Entombed,Grave worship going on here.....Sunlight production ! What else?"

" Another in a series of "Rare" Swedish artifacts I will be putting up.......Enjoy!

Swedish Death Metal History !.........Get It!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Carbonized - No Canonization (1990) single

1. No Canonization
2. Statues
3. Au-to-dafe
4. Inner Ground (previously unreleased)

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Progressive Death Metal

" Classic single released on Thrash records in 1990 on black/white vinyl"

" This was their second recording...and my favorite !....what you get is fast-paced death metal in the Nihilist,Carnage vein but a bit more technical..The vocals are Matti Kärki of Dismember fame. This was produced by the mastermind Tomas Skogsberg so you know that you can expect quality sound "

" This is another piece of Swedish Death Metal History!.....And quite different from other bands at the time............

Death Is Life !.............Get It!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Aeternus - ...And So the Night Became (1998)

1. There's No Wine Like the Blood's Crimson
2. As I March
3. Warrior of the Crescent Moon
4. Blodsverging
5. When the Crow's Shadow Falls
6. Ild Dans
7. ...And So the Night Became
8. Fyrndeheimen

Origin - Norway
Genre - Black/Death Metal

" Incorporating strong elements of folk with dark atmospheres, and using clean (but gruff) male vocals as well as beautiful female singing, Aeternus weaves epic Pagan metal enchanced with storylines reminiscent of war-metal, conjuring primal archetypes and ancient deities (of Olden times) rather than the usual Satan/Christian dichotomy atypical of many Black Metal bands. Only about 1/3 here contains vocals at all, the rest is Black Metal performed alternately fast and slow (mostly slower). Throw in clear/clean folk instrumental passages where you'll forget its Aeternus completly...until, wham! "

" One could get lost in this release! -So- much happening. -So- much going on. Every note and masterful passage is something that has to be absorbed. To immerse oneself in _... And So the Night Became_ is to fully enjoy the musical fabric woven around you. Eight original pieces welcome you for a stunning sixty-three minutes !

" All listeners with a taste for the viking,celtic,black,dark,death metal....Please do yourself a favor and get this now !

Waiting for the Storms !.....Get It!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Convulse - World Without God (1992)

1. Intro + World Without God
2. Putrid Intercourse
3. Incantation Of Restoration
4. Blasphemous Verses
5. False Religion
6. Resuscitation Of Evilness
7. Infernal End
8. Godless Truth
9. Powerstruggle Of Belief

Origin - Finland
Genre - Death Metal

" First off.....This album was only re-leased on vinyl in 1992...talk about hard to find...but now has been re-issued...This is without a doubt...one of the most brutal death metal recordings of the early 90s ! Think Demigod,Grave ramped up a bit..."

" Shitloads of crushing riffs...with deep, powerful vocals ,non-triggered drums and an overall eerie,dark,evil sounding production and you have a instant classic! "

" Now...not many people know of this record or band for that matter...but if you are an old-school freak or just old-school (Like Me) then you have to check this out.....Everything about this record just reeks of evilness... from the awesome cover artwork, to the music !

Evil, Blasphemy, Gore !..............Get It!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Excruciate - Passage of Life (1993)

1. Confused Mind
2. Endless Suffocation
3. Inhumation Postnatal
4. Eternal Incubation
5. Anatomical Self-Fertilization
6. Passage of Life
7. Sabbath In The Mortuary
8. Beyond The Circle

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Death Metal

" Another Swedish gem here !......ultra rare cd......"

" One of the many underrated death metal bands from sweden in the early 90s...this crew had members from Carbonized,Grave,Therion etc...Buzzsaw recording at Sunlight Studio of course. Plenty of time changes,strained growling vocals and some heavy riffing make this album a underground classic !

Good Luck finding this on ebay...and if you do..be prepared to spend mucho Dinero !

Hymn of Mortality !.....Fuckers !...........Get It!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Undivine - A Deceitful Calm (2008)

1. My Silence
2. The Chaos Prayer
3. ...And the Word Was War
4. In Lust and Disgust
5. Cold Dead Heart
6. A Vision Undivine
7. The Cleansing
8. Catholic

Origin - Sweden
Genre - Black/Death Metal

" Just a few seconds into the opening track and Im diggin this already....Melodic Blackened death is what I would call it....Like a mixture of Dissection,Naglfar,Necrophobic....are those strong enough names for you?"

" UNDIVINE do not play blastbeats all the time but rely on their ability of composing, combining catchiness and partly hypnotic vocal lines with amazing guitar sprints. Multilayer guitar towers and stomping drums and Surprising breaks and hardly noticeable changes in measure care for well dosed alternation, but do not destroy the dynamics of suspense. Vocally....Sacramentum comes to mind...harsh & raw screams and some well placed spoken passages that I dont mind at all "

" The Musicianship is top quality....the production is perfect for this genre and these swedes have come up with a real Devil of a record ! This truly is a powerful slab of blackened/death metal !

Highly Recommended for fans of Dissection,Naglfar,Necrophobic !

To death you bleed !.........Get It!