Monday, August 18, 2008

No Emotions - My Will (2008)

1. Millions…
2. My Will
3. The Useless Flesh
4. Truth and Convention
5. Purity
6. Light of Divinity
7. River Of Lies (truth inside you)

Origin - Ukraine
Genre - Technical Death Metal

" Unrelenting Technical death metal from the Ukraine is on tap here!.....This disc is crushing yet time changes and tempo's make it different than most blastfests"

" Recorded at the mighty Hertz studios(Decapitated,Vader) it is a strong guitar production but the drumming is very technical and blast heavy also. The vocalist has a deep growl that fits nicely and the song structures are quite diff than most...I suppose you could make the Decapitated reference...but not a clone"

This one takes a couple of spins to sink in....to absorb all thats going on....but in the end....what you have is a Hateful,Emotionless(hence the name)brutal album...and I for one Dig this !

Kill At Will !..........Got It!

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