Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hexen - State of Insurgency (2008)

1. Blast Radius
2. Gas Chamber
3. Past Life
4. Knee Deep in the Dead
5. Chaos Aggressor
6. Bedlam Walls
7. The Serpent
8. No More Color
9. Mutiny and Betrayal
10. Seditions in Peacetime
11. Desolate Horizons
12. State of Insurgency
13. Outro

Origin - USA
Style - Melodic Thrash Metal

" HeXeN?..Another Thrash Metal band from Los Angeles releasing their debut? Doesn't sound too impressive in the beginning, does it? Well, I assure you: these guys really kick ass and – hell yeah – they are impressive!"

" HeXeN "fuses the elements of melody, heaviness, speed, and technicality within the lair of thrash" and the outcome is a versatile and diversified album with a pressing and aggressive sound. The CD starts out with "Blast Radius". This song is the musical version of the awesome cover designed by Ed Repka(megadeth). It is distinguished by high speeds, a somewhat lunatic singing and heavy parts. "Gas Chamber" starts as a high speed thrash blast but surprises with a change in speed and the intake of melodies towards the mid of the song. The highlight of "State Of Insurgency" is "Past Life" which shows technical diversity of HeXeN best. A great chorus, awesome melodies, aggressive shouts and extreme speed make this a great song for moshpits and headbanging "

" Altogether "State Of Insurgency" is a great melodic thrash metal album seeing my cd player to be in almost constant rotation. A very versatile, dynamic and diversified album and a real surprise......Now Go Buy The Fucking Thing !

Thrash Attack !........Get It!

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