Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sinister - The Silent Howling (2008)

1. Republic of the grave
2. Summit of sacrifice
3. Fortified bravery
4. The silent howling
5. The kill to come
6. Palace of the fates
7. If it bleeds...

Origin - Netherlands
Style - Death Metal

" 8th full length of the Dutch wrecking crew"

" "The Silent Howling" still has the usual old school air of the band in it, but it is no less savage and doubtlessly genuine death metal as the trend in the industry today. It's one of those albums that doesn't waste time on intros but jumpstarts with exactly the music that all the base metal heads are looking for. Diabolic speed, guitars searing and twisted to the extreme, plus all the necessary effects to put the listener in a state of deluge - just as the cover art implies, have this album blasting on your speakers and you will know hell. Serious! The richness of detail in the music amid its somehow raw aura simply defines Sinister. With seven tracks that generally range from five to ten minutes, having "The Silent Howling" in your collection would never be a waste of money "

" It's like the album is here to prove that death metal has already been redefined in several different ways today, and to remind us of how it was like before: pure and untarnished death metal incorporated with touches of the modern genre which makes it fit the taste of a metal fan of any generation!

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