Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Furbowl - Those Shredded Dreams (1992)

1. Damage Done
2. Nothing Forever
3. Razorblades
4. Desertion
5. Sharkheaven
6. Those Shredded Dreams

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death/Doom Metal

" Furbowl -- what's in a name? -- is an oddity. To find a category to place this band in is almost impossible. The band consistently denied that they were a death metal band, though conceded to the fact that they would inevitably be placed in that category. In general terms, this would be correct, but what is it that makes it so hard to truly categorize this band? Well, they're not one of anything, but more of many things. The label death-influenced progressive rock/metal I placed on this band sounds ridiculous I admit, but it's simply meant to give you insight into what this band sounds like. I said they were an oddity, and they truly were, but a good one, and a band worth checking out "

" This is their debut and features Johan Axelsson (aka Johan Liiva)of Arch Enemy,Hearse etc. The songs on the album are groovy, fast and heavy, and showcase some amazing lead work throughout and then some doomy dark, punk moments (gasp!)"

" Unfortunately Furbowl remain virtually unknown having been virtually unknown from their inception. This was a truly unique band at the time, the closest resemblance being Entombed with their trademark death 'n' roll style. That is still not an accurate comparison, but its a valid starting point if you're interested "

Dalen...........Requested This....!

Rot And Roll !...........Get It!

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