Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Calm Hatchery - Sacrilege of Humanity (2010)

1. Rattlesnake's Dream
2. Sea of Truth
3. Messerschmitt
4. We Are the Universe
5. Mirror Giants
6. Hymn of the Forgotten
7. Them
8. Lost in the Sands
9. Those Who Were 
10. Shine for the Chosen One
11. The Blood of Stalingrad

Origin - Poland
Style - Death Metal

" 4 years after their debut...The very underrated "El Alamein" comes Calm Hatchery's sophomore release..... Another Killer album !  "

" These Butcher's from (Slupsk/Wejherowo/Bytów) don't profess to be old school or new school or deathcore or any other fucken thing....Just Death Metal played in a melodic,Technical,Crushing fashion bringing to mind Decapitation,Morbid Angel but doing it in a fresh and exciting way. This record exudes sinister riffs and awesome technical solo's done with great thought and no filler....These guys know how to write songs !.....From the opening of 'Sea Of Truth' C.H. display bruising but catchy riffs and deep vocals that fit in perfectly. I always think that the difference between good and great records is in the little nuances..And this LP has them in spades...From the backing vocal shouts to the Middle Eastern influenced solo's to the short but to the point tracks "

" Sitting in my office this morning and here comes 'Lost In The Sands' cranking from my speakers(And drowning out the fucken phones !) with its head banging crushing riffs and classical inspired solo..Simply Awesome !.....Now I was a huge fan of this band when they formed and really dug their debut...But these five have turned it up a few notches with this release and I for one think it is one of the best of 2010 "

" Maybe I just needed some Polish Death Metal to get me going?.....As there has been a slight lapse lately...But this really hits the spot and makes me a bigger fan of the Death Metal - Polish Style....If you dig Jackhammer drums,Sepentine Lead guitars,Sinister Riffing and Deathly vocals this will put a dent in your head today....I mean- Watch out for the corner of the desk !....Those bastards are sharp "

Overall, balance is the key to “Sacrilege of Humanity.” By creating a fine blend of technical, brutal, and darkly melodic elements, Calm Hatchery finds the perfect middle ground between older and new styles of Death Metal. “Sacrilege of Humanity” is about as good as death metal comes nowadays. Or even twenty years ago, for that matter.......Word !

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Happy Holidays People !.....
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  1. Is Polish Death Metal racing with swedish Death Metal ? ... haha , Skull crushing death metal is in front of us , Devastating one!
    These mother fuckers "Shine for the chosen one".
    Solos are perfect ...
    I envy you "Death Dealer" for your power of choice ...
    Excellent man!

  2. It's that time again... Top 25, people!

    1 Solefald – Norron Livskunst
    2 Watain – Lawless Darkness
    3 Nokturnal Mortum – The voice of Steel
    4 Black September – The forbidden gates Beyond
    5 Torture Division – Evighetens Darar
    6 Inquisition – Ominous doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm
    7 Immolation – Majesty and Decay
    8 Triptykon – Eparistera Daimones
    9 Hail of Bullets – On divine Winds
    10 Misery Index – Heirs to Thievery
    11 Istapp – Blekinge
    12 Otargos – No God, no Satan
    13 The Grotesquery – Tales of the Coffin Born
    14 Kvelertak – Kvelertak
    15 Occultus – Inthial
    16 Unlight – Sulphurblooded
    17 Entrails – Tales from the Morgue
    18 Weapon – From the Devil’s Tomb
    19 Sargeist – Let the Devil In
    20 Sodom – In War and Pieces
    21 Demiurg – Slakthus Gamleby
    22 Goat Funeral – Bastion Lucifer
    23 Mandatory – Adrift Beyond
    24 The Crimson Ghosts – Generation Gore
    25 Byfrost – Black Earth

  3. Heathen , I'm agree strongly with these ones :
    Entrails – Tales from the Morgue
    Hail of Bullets – On divine Winds
    The Grotesquery – Tales of the Coffin Born
    Torture Division – Evighetens Darar
    But do not forget :
    Bastard priest - Under the hammer of destruction
    Bombs of Hades - Chambers of Abominations

  4. But Mandatory is also great, DD!