Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Brutally Deceased - Dead Lovers' Guide (2010)

1. Lustful Sodomy in the Houser of God
2. Dead Lovers' Guide
3. Blissful Desecration
4. They Shall Feast
5. ...And Here I Die Forsaken
6. A Life Once Aborted
7. Demise of the Human Swine
8. All That Rots and Withers
9. Override of the Overture (Dismember Cover)

Origin - Czech Republic
Style - Death Metal

" What in the hell is going on in the Czech Republic ?......First Morbider....Now this pack of destroyers called Brutally Deceased and their debut record 'Dead Lovers' Guide' "

" All the Swedish Death Metal worship may be weighing on alot of folks out there...Including me...However when the music is done with such ferocity and power,One cannot help but sit and take notice. This is straight Dismember worship of the highest order....Done to a tee...Except the vocals are a bit lower in range and there are more blasts than in the golden age "

" This record took me my surprise at the sheer crushingness and powerful production....Of course its as if I have heard these tracks before....The Riffs.....Crushing interludes and all !
'Demise of the Human Swine' being my favorite song off a 33 minute short but to the point Lp.
You simply cannot deny that these boys have done their homework and have created a un-original but great listen "

Fans of Swedish Death Metal.....Dismember,Entombed ....All the early stuff should dig this !

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