Friday, December 10, 2010

Crypticus - The Rites Of Infestation - Ep (2010)

1. Ceremonial Surgery
2. The Hungerer
3. Baron of the Dark
4. Enter the Realm of Death (Runemagick Cover)

Origin - USA
Style - Death Metal

" Well I received an e-mail from Patrick Bruss (Crypticus,Tombstones,Ribspreader) about a new digital Ep he had put together and being a fan of the blog(hopefully) He asked me to give it a spin and spread it around the net....First of all: My apologies to Patrick (Sorry it took so long brother)..Secondly: Goddamn right I gave it a whirl and here are my thoughts "

" If you are into the sinister leanings of horror inspired Death Metal in any way...This man knows what he is doing. If you dig Hooded Menace and such acts....You cannot go wrong here !....4 tracks of well produced Old sounding (stylistically) Death Metal in the true Scandinavian tradition. What hits me right away is the cavernous vokills....This shit is scary and sounds like the creature is rising up to grab you by the leg and skullfuck you to death...."

" You get One track from the upcoming album "The Nexus Of Death", (due 2011) one
reinvented demo track, one exclusive new track, & a cover of the RUNEMAGICK
classic "Enter The Realm Of Death"....Ans some killer artwork I might add (Can I get a full size litho for the mancave please ). And dont forget the drumnmer Brynjar Helgetun (Paganizer,Ribspreader,The Grotesquery) and you have a nice 'Free" Ep available for download off of Crypticus web site or myspace "

You have to say Hailz to Patrick and other artists out there making the music we love and giving it away for free...Maximum Respect sir !....But support these projects when you get the chance (Cds,Tshirts) and Im sure everyone will be happy....Nuff said

Crypticus (Website) Razorback records

Crypticus (Myspacey)

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  1. (Un)holy shit! this is fkn awesome, THANKS PATRICK for giving us this free EP, you rock!!!