Sunday, January 2, 2011

Death Dealer's Top 20 Album's of 2010....& Other Stuff

When it comes to end of year lists.....I mostly think they are lame....But its amazing how many I have seen in the last couple of weeks...And since I have been doing one since 2007...I decided to throw one  up here again.

Now when I see other reviewers lists it always makes me laugh...Most of the big sites reviewers all list the same albums at the top...Am I missing something or just not as refined as they are?

Now some words about some of the supposedly great albums of 2010.....Like I have said many times before...I listen to music to be entertained and bring out a vast amount of emotions and I think of my favorite records are the ones that I essentially played the most....Can you list a LP that you played only once or twice as your top LP of the year?...I Cant...Its doing no one any good and I would only be lying to myself as well as you..The Readers. So a record that I played every morning going to work for a month goes along way in my list as supposed to something I could barely get through. I listen and review music that I like !...Period....Some readers have asked why I don't review everything that comes out?.....1. Don't have the time...2. Why review records I don't personally like (there are plenty of sites for that) 3. I figured one day...I have listened to over 20,000 albums in my time....I'm kinda picky But also locked into certain sounds...Anyway..Enough rambling...Onto my wretched list !

Wait a minute...Everyone has Agalloch's new album as the best of 2010?....Can you really tell me that you listen to this droning..ambient nonsense all day?..Cmon get serious..Maybe I'm more simple minded than most...But I cannot find one catchy riff or passage on the entire thing....Trendy bullshit if you ask me.......

I listen to Metal to be kicked in the ass !........And here are the most ass kickin albums of 2010....So says me....My opinions only !........Everyone is entitled to their own.....So lets see all of yours too !!

20. Chronic Decay - Justify Your Existence
What could be better than a lost album recorded in 1994 and now unearthed....Thrash,Punk infested Death Metal which wouldn't be out of place next to your Sepultura and pestilence albums!
Better late than never..........

19. Aeternam - Disciples of the Unseen
These guys surprised me with their brand of traditional,Melodic Death Metal with middle eastern influences......Cool symphonic riffing with many catchy melodies....Disciples of the Unseen is one of the strongest debuts in 2010 !

18. Revolting - The Terror Threshhold
How could I not have something on here from Rogga ?.....Revoltings 2nd release was a all around improvement and a bonus ep didn't hurt either.....I don't have to tell you what this sounds like ?...Do I?

17. Zombified - Zombified Slaughtermachine
I can only think of a couple of albums that I had more fun listening to than this Lp. Goddamn catchy Modern take on the early classics....One of the better Death Metal Lps in 2010.....Bloodbath fans take note !...Are you in?....Or are you out?

16. The Crown - Doomsday King
This new record was taken down from the blog so fast It would make your head swim !....Oh yeah:The Crown fired back with new vocalist Jonas Stalhammar (God Macabre!) and a new set of fast and brutal tracks that exceeded my expectations !.......I Ain't Kiddin...Neither !

15. Interment - Into the Crypts of Blasphemy
Well finally Interment gets a long awaited full-length out after some 20 years...And it did not disappoint !....True Swedish carnage with that buzzing sound I always loved...One of the best re-formations this year....

14. Laethora - The Light in Which We All Burn
Sophomore release from Niklas Sundin of Dark Tranquillity fame. While D.T. has grown static in my mind...This shit is bruising,Scorching Death Metal that reaches into the genres crusty roots...Grinding riffs and all ! For being labeled a 'side project'..This sure does kill !

13. Bombs Of Hades - Chambers of Abominations
I think I was looking forward to this album the most in 2010...And it did not let me down ! 2nd album with Jonas Stalhammar on it...This guy is ruling these days. Top notch tracks full of Nihilist,Carnage,old Entombed worship done right....One of the leaders in True Death Metal today !

12. Vasaeleth - Crypt Born & Tethered to Ruin
Gnarly...Primitive Death Metal at its ugliest ! This is not for the play it by the book Death Metal fan....This will give you nightmares and send you screaming to your momma....I for one dug the Autopsy,Celtic Frost vibe !....Truly Nasty......

11. Immolation - Majesty and Decay
One of the most respected and revered Death Metal bands of all time does it again....A blistering display of technical riffs that blow away most bands today and spent many a hour in my ipod cruising down the road. I was left pummeled and very satisfied at the same time...Essential !

10. Svart Crown - Witnessing The Fall
This album blew my mind....Best Blackened album of the year..Bar none...Fuck all the trendy black metal shit !.....This is scary music with power and a certain evilness to it that I really dig.
And I didn't have to paint my face and go into my woods to feel it...I simply pressed play !

9. Brutally Deceased - Dead Lovers Guide
These dudes get the award for sounding the most like the mighty Dismember !.....Not very original.....But Goddamn convincing !......Top Notch Death Metal in the Czech tradition?...Huh?

8. Entrails - Tales from the Morgue
Dan Swano produced this monster of an album. And the grooves contained within are what all us Swedish fanatics seek...Boundless heaps of buzzsaw riffs and deeply roared vocals wrapped in the suitably powerful production make this THE Swedish Death Metal album of the year !

7. Triptykon - Eparistera Daimones
When I heard Celtic Frost had broken up....Again...I wondered what Thomas Gabriel Fischer would be up to next? Low and behold he quickly puts together a new project with V. Santura (Dark Fortress) and releases this monstrosity. Dark and Heavy stuff this is..Bleak and hatefilled with Thomas's vocals sounding better than ever. To me this is an extension of Celtic Frost's  Monotheist record..Only Heavier..Less gothic and absolutely Crushing !

6. Calm Hatchery - Sacrilege of Humanity
If you miss Decapitated's technical flair and Vader's crushing riffs...Calm Hatchery is here to save you from yourself ! C.H. upped the ante with this new record and brought back the Polish dominance we have always loved..."We are the Universe"....Oh fucken ehh right !

5. The Grotesquery - Tales of the Coffin Born
My review of this record was removed before anyone saw it....I swear I wrote one..Really!
Anyway....This Kam Lee,Rogga Johansson project is a concept story based on writings from Lovecraft & Poe and is suitable for the music that lies within. Groovy Doom/Death metal is what we are talkin about here....Piles of riffs and the famous roar of Mr. Lee carry this record into the top 5 for 2010......Get past all the spoken intros and you will be crushed by their hard hitting brand of Death Metal....I promise !

4. Desultory - Counting Our Scars
2nd best re-formation of the year !......Desultory returned with a hella catchy record and the best Melodic Death Metal record in ages ! 9 solid tracks with not a dud in the batch...Now please don't wait 16 years to put out another worthy record......Its Fucken Good !

3. Hail Of Bullets - On Devine Winds
Martin and the boys can do no wrong...Everything they have put out..Kicks unholy ass !...And this second full length was no exception. War inspired Death Metal with some Doomy touches and the Hall Of Fame vocals of Martin Van Drunen make this the best Bolt Thrower styled album since.......Well...Bolt Thrower !

2. Forbidden - Omega Wave
Best re-formation of the year !..And by far the best Thrash based album in years. If you read my review..You know I loved this record and everything about it. It brought back a ton of memories and really made me want to make music again ! (Announcement soon? ). Great songs...Yes songs with catchy choruses and terrific singing and thrashtastic riffing made this my 2nd fave of 2010?...Huh?

And My Favorite Record of 2010 ?

1. Hooded Menace - Never Cross The Dead
This album simply floored me !.....Their first Lp was great....This one was unstoppable.....Doomy/Deathly Metal at its finest with nary a bad thing about it...Even the cover was amazing. Black Sabbathy inspired riffs to break your neck to...I talked about this being on my end of the year list in April and sure enough it lands at #1. This LP has everything that is great about heavy music !......Period !.....Mandatory and Hall Of Fame (first ballot)

So there you go with 2010's nonsense.....I hope you liked it.....I will put up some other opinions monday hopefully....If the snow stops and I can get home.....Best Eps and Demos still coming.

Heres to 2011 and may it contain alot of brilliant music for us to hear !



  1. Best list I've seen this year. I agree with the first place. Never Cross The Dead is an awesome album.

  2. Good to see Immolation in there - it's been criminally missing from most Top 20/50 lists. Never even made it into the Terrorizer Top 50, for fuck sakes! That and the new Melechesh are my top two of 2010, hands down.

  3. Great list DD!!!!

    Here is mine:
    01 ghost - opus eponymous
    02 autopsy - the tomb within EP
    03 darkthrone - circle the wagons
    04 interment - into the crypts of blasphemy
    05 watain - lawless darkness
    06 stench - in putrescence
    07 antichrist - put to death (demo)
    08 bastard priest - under the hammer of destruction
    09 abscession - death incarnate demo
    10 electric wizard - black masses
    11 nominon - monumentomb
    12 ascension- consolamentum
    13 vasaeleth - crypt born & tethered to ruin
    14 bombs of hades - chambers of abominations
    15 hail of bullets - on divine winds

  4. Fuck, how drunk was this guy when he posted this ..?

  5. Whimsical top 20 ?
    Of course yes ....
    Specially No.1 "Hooded Menace : Never Cross The Dead" , Bone crushing death/doom metal in its perfect way ...
    The list contains all death , thrash , blackened ( not black ) and also technical contents but one thing is very important , and it's that there is only one thrash based album in DD's list!!!!
    I guess that other thrash albums couldn't satisfy DD for example "Suicidal Angels" , "Exodus" and the others maybe I didn't hear them yet.
    Anyway , 2010 fucked off and we must wait for new stuffs , hope they will be worthy ....

    Get ready and sharpen your ears for these releases :
    1.Maim - Deceased To Exist
    2.Repuked - Pervertopia
    3.Vanhelgd - Church Of Death
    4.Decide - To Hell With God
    and more!!!