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Toxaemia - Buried To Rise : 1990-91 Discography

1. Terminated Violence (Taken from "Kaleidoscopic Lunacy" Demo 1990)
2. Dark Wisdom  (Taken from "Kaleidoscopic Lunacy" Demo 1990)
3. Crematorium (1989 version) (Taken from "Kaleidoscopic Lunacy" Demo 1990)
4. Evil Rage  (Taken from "Kaleidoscopic Lunacy" Demo 1990)
5. Force of Plague (Un-Released Track)
6. Beyond the Realm (Taken from "Beyond the Realm" Ep 1990)
7. Another Lie, Another Death (Taken from "Beyond the Realm" Ep 1990)
8. Who Dies (Taken from " Beyond the Realm" Ep 1990)
9. Expired Christianity (Taken from "Beyond the Realm" Ep 1990)
10. The Acquisition (Un-Released Track )
11. World Graveyard  (Taken from "Buried to Rot" Demo 1991)
12. Tragedies Through Centuries (Taken from "Buried to Rot" Demo 1991)
13. Hate Within  (Taken from "Buried to Rot" Demo 1991)
14. The Beginning of the End (Taken from "Buried to Rot" Demo 1991)
15. Buried to Rot (Taken from "Buried to Rot" Demo 1991)
16. Crematorium (1991 version) (Un-Released Track)
17. Kaleidoscopic Lunacy (Un-Released Track)
18. Immolation of Justice (Un-Released Track)

Compilation of ALL material ever recorded 1989-1991

Disc one contains the complete discography remix/remastered by Dan Swanö.

Disc two contains the complete discography in its original untouched state.

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" We as Music fan's are very lucky these days to have great labels out there recapturing and reloading hard to find and legendary recordings and packaging them up and putting them in one nice and neat place......Cd or Vinyl in this case "

" Swedish Death Metal has seen a host of out of print and hard to find demo's and recordings unleashed in the last couple of years....Giving us old farts the beauty of it all in one place !...And new fans to check out what was going on in the olden days. Dark Descent Records has not only did this to Toxaemia's back catalogue...But also found some rare missing tracks AND had the mighty DAN SWANO put his magical touch in Re-Mastering and RE-Mixing the material "

" Another cool thing is...You also get the material in its untouched state giving the purists there little tidbit if they want. I have been around a long time but I prefer the Re-Mix...Its more powerful and really captures the essence of what the band was trying to do...I only wish Swano would get his hands on more old stuff and give it a workover...Anyway enough about the recording and on to the music contained within...."

" Toxaemia was completely different than most bands out of Sweden during the early 90s in the sense that..They brought a more thrashier,U.S. sound to their stuff...Grimy...Frenetic...Somewhat faster than most music of the time. How bout a cross between countymates Crematory and U.S. heroes Possessed ! "

" The best material to me is the terrific Ep released on the Infamous Seraphic Decay records label (A complete ripoff) but had a number of great bands signed at the time. Riff heavy tracks with the comination of speed and groove....Now alot of people out there think that if a band didnt sound like Entombed..They must have sucked?.....Wrong folks...Toxaemia were well on their way to becoming a real force when they disbanded and walked away from the scene....Thankfully we have this gem of a comp to relive them in all their brutal glory ! "

ALL Death Metal Fans should check this out...Listen to both sets of recordings back to back and see the great work that Mr. Swano did on the Re-Master...Very punchy and clear !

Go to Dark Descent Records and buy this !......A T-Shirt or both.....Matt is very cool and keeps the flag of Death flying high !

Shortly..The Crypt will unleash this thing on Vinyl !..For all the Wax fanatics out there....

Special thanx to Death Worshiper for this !....Hailz bro !

Metroz are gone too.....Huh ?
Ahhh Get it !

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  1. Thank you so much too , Death Dealer
    Fantastic review , I am agree with you about Dan Swano re-master !
    Smell of the old makes us maniac.