Monday, January 24, 2011

Unconsecrated - Slave to the Grave Ep (2010)

1. Buried in the Crypt
2. Exhumating Profaned Flesh
3. Slave to the Grave
4. Breath of Desolation

Origin - Spain
Style - Death Metal

" Dark Descent Records brings all of us another nasty little Ep here.....Spanish Death Metal horde Unconsecrated...With what I hope is a precursor to a full length sometime soon ! "

" 3 new tracks and an outro....For a 13 minute dose of Bruising Swedish inspired Death Metal.
These guys are good at what they do.....They really capture that buzz and the bass heavy production gives this a wallop that most bands just dont get "

" Shitloads of crushing guitars and tempos that switch from balsy to blasting...Theres no shortage of catchy groove on here..And this is what sets bands like this apart from the dozens of Entombed wannabes....Groove...Motherfuckers ! "

So in short: Awesome 3 track teaser of top quality Death Metal....On the downside...Only an Ep after almost 3 years since the last demo was made?.......Im not pushing for bands to put out shite every six months.....But do keep in mind that fans forget rather quickly !.....And it would be a shame for a band with this much talent to wither away and not live up to their potential......Nuff said

More Please !.......Greedy Bastard I am !
Hear....    There....

Dark Descent Records - Go there and spend $6.50 for this beauty...And buy some more stuff while you are there !


  1. Cool mini-stuff from spanish Death Metallers...
    Track slave to the grave has fantastic solos...
    Thank you man! for review.

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