Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Looking Forward.....2011 !

I have been getting 20 - 30 emails a day!...Asking when certain albums are coming out or what is this or that band up to?

So I figured I would put up a list of stuff I am looking forward to this year...As I think 2011 will blow away 2010...By the looks of this list..You will see what I mean !

Please dont email me with other bands and other albums...This is just a teaser for the rest of the year so far !

Big Fucken List of Releases !...In no certain order......

Miasmal - Debut full length
Blood Mortized - "Bestial" Ep
Volturyon - "Coordinated Mutilation"
Puteraeon - "The Esoteric Order"
Skeletal Spectre - "Occult Spawned Premonitions" (I heard a track...It Kills !)
Coffins - "Ancient Torture" Best of 7" and splits (Should be cool to have all this rare stuff in one cd)
Repuked - "Pervertopia"( Oh Yeah...)
Stench Of Decay - "Visions Beyond Death" Ep
Autopsy - "Macabre Eternal"     (Goddamn Autopsy people !)
Outcast - "Awaken The Reason"   (This is technical greatness !)
Death Breath - TBA (Unmixed track is fantastic ! )
Maim - "Deceased To Exist" (Should be killer ! )
Destruction - "Day Of Reckoning" (Legends Return ! )
Ulcerate - "The Destroyers Of All " (will be on end of year lists..Guaranteed)
Septicflesh - "The Great Mass" (Full orchestra's again )
Repugnant - TBA  (I am just happy they got back together ! )
Torture Division - TBA  (A new Trilogy of Demo's )
Neuraxis - "Ayylon"
Obscura - "Omnivium"  (Lets see what they have this time? )
Demonical - "Death Infernal"
Exhumed - "All Guts,No Glory " (Cant wait for this !...Carcass worship?)
Opeth - TBA  (Who the Hell are these guys ? )
Amon Amarth - "Surtur Rising"  (Vikings Return to claim throne ! )
Anata - TBA
Entrench - "Debt Of Sorrow"  (Swedish Thrash )
The Haunted - "The Unseen"  (Can they get back some momentum?)
Sorcery - TBA   (Legends reborn )
Abysmal Dawn - "Leveling The Plane Of Existence"
Blood Freak - "Mindscraper"
As You Drown - TBA    (No they are not Metalcore!)
The Cleansing - "Feeding The Inevetable"
Coldworker - TBA
Gorod - "Trancendence" Ep
Gojira - TBA Ep
Demonoid - TBA
Feral - TBA   (Look forward to this very much ! )
Entrails - TBA   (Jimmy is already working on a follow up )
Fleshcut - TBA Ep
Daylight Dies - TBA  (Death/Doom at its finest ? )
Fester - "Silence" (Remastered and Reissued)
Ulcer - "Grant Us Death" (Polish Death Metal)
Spawn Of Possession - TBA
The Project Hate - "Bleeding The New Apocalypse"
Vomitory - "Opus Mortis VIII "
One Man Army & The Undead Quartet - "The Dark Epic"  (Can you get a longer name ?)
Asphyx - "DeathHammer"
Pestilence - "Doctrine"
Panzerchrist - "Regiment Ragnarok"
Channel Zero - TBA  (Classic Thrash Band reforms)
Hatesphere - TBA
Graveless - TBA   (Swedish Death Metal)
Foreboding - TBA   (Rogga ! )
Exmortis - "Resurrection....Book of the Dead "  (Us band reforms )
Deicide - "To Hell With God "    (Are they still around ? )
Insision - "End Of All " Ep
Purgatory - "Necromantaeon"

Thats about 1% of what will be released this year I expect !
I could see a few of those on my end of year list....If they come through with good shit !

We will see...Huh ?



  1. This year is going to be bad-fucking-ass!!

  2. Well,

    Omnium Gatherum
    Novembers Doom.
    Dead Eyed Sleeper,
    Machine Head,
    Archons and many more ;)...

    For Informations go to

    let's bring them on

  3. No Crypt of Kerberos? I believe it's about time they release some mayhem on us all!

  4. Waiting for: TPH, Torture Divison, Fleshcut (too bad it's only EP:/), Entrails (LP in 2011? great!), Coldworker, Vomitory, Amon Amarth, The Haunted, and many many more! it will be killer year!

  5. Ulcer is Polish Death Metal band but it sounds really swedish-alike... good stuff like from the 92-93!

  6. Ah wow, are you serious, Sorcery AND a new Demonoid album!? The Demonoid from the guys in Therion? I absolutely love and adore Riders of the Apocolypse, and have been waiting for a new album from them forever and a day! But just as long, fucking Anata seriously need to get their shit together, label or no, cause god damn I own and play everything of their regularly, and got so many people hooked on The Conducters Departure, and have been anxiously awaiting some precious new tunes from 'em as well. Apparently their cd has been done for a couple years now just that fuckin Earache is acting like some diseased stank ass hoe, not wanting to share the love. I don't care if Anata's album would give me flaming aural herpes just take my damn monies and let me revel in the sweet addictive majesty that is their unique brand O' Swedish tech-death. Fuck charge me double, I literally don't give a fuck so long as I finally get to hear the damn thing.

    Gorod's ep sounds to be absolutely awesome as well, certainly a worthy purchase. And Omnium Gatherum's latest is out a day before my B-day supposedly, Feb. 4th. Sorry for the rant but god damn this isn't cool at all man.