Friday, May 14, 2010

Chronic Decay - Justify Your Existence (2010)

1. Visions 
2. Final Grave 
3. Mirrors of Death
4. Hate Mask 
5. Return to Heaven
6. Everlasting Hate
7. Justify Your Existence 
8. Murder By Degree 
9. No Prayer for the Damned
10. Relentless
11. Silent Prayer 
12. Treachery
13. 1st of September
14. Alko Man Decends

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death/Thrash Metal

" The story of Chronic Decay starts in (Eskilstuna) Sweden in 1987....Originally formed as Hellfire in 1985 Who released a demo called 'Death Revenge' in 86...Later morphed int Chronic Decay and released a Ep in 1990 'Ecstacy In Pain' (Classic stuff) and a legendary split with Exanthema in 1993(also Awesome).....Chronic Decay also appeared on the infamous CBR compilation “Projections of a Stained Mind” (1990) with the track “1st Of September”, and in the “Grindcore” compilation CD (Nuclear Blast, 1993) with two tracks : “Taste For Blood” and “Arbeit Macht Frei” "

" The reason I bring up all the background is to let you see when and where these guys were around and at what time.....Fast forward to 2010 and here we have a Unreleased full-length recorded in 1994 at studio Underground....Brought back from the dead by Me Saco Un Ojo Records...A great new label out of the U.K. "

" I will start by saying....This isn't like the majority of Death Metal that was coming out of Sweden at the time...This is much more Thrashier Punk infested Death Metal played at top speed. The riffing comes exploding out right away and you notice the Hardcore pissed off vocals over the up-tempo tracks...Now there are some cool time changes..But are usually only temporary before taking off again. Sometimes the songs feel like they are careening out of control only to be reigned back in just in the nick of time. 'Hate Mask' sounds like it could be off of 'Beneath The Remains' from Sepultura and 'Murder By Degree' has a great Slayerish breakdown around the 1:36 mark that sounds classic "

" This is a piece of history that has been luckily uncovered !...And even if some of the track's sound samey and end abruptly..This still is a worthy pick up and a Fine album "

Fan's of Sepultura(Old),Pestilence(Malificarus era),Swedish Death Metal with punkish overtones.....Please get to the site and buy this !

Dischange and Meanwhile !.........Get It!
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  1. Death WorshipperMay 14, 2010 at 1:40 PM

    That was a complete description about this band ,
    I wondered that after many years this album sounds fresh , Reminds old bands and shows new styles for younger bands ...
    Hail to Death Dealer

  2. Just wanted to add a comment!
    Hellfire was a all together different band out of Strangnas,Sweden
    the took the name Chronic decay just for a short while befor they dropped it!
    Then we nicked the name when Micke Karlsson joined us!
    Me and Micke sjostrand started the band in after being intreduced my a friend of our´s Jallo!(founder of Dischange,Meanwhile)at a busstop..and Micke brought his friend Jocke! And thats how it all started...A long road of metal and booze:) // Gunnar