Sunday, October 17, 2010

Forbidden - Omega Wave (2010)

1. Alpha Century
2. Forsaken at The Gates
3. Overthrow
4. Adapt Or Die
5. Swine
6. Chatter
7. Dragging My Casket
8. Hopenosis
9. Immortal Wounds
10. Behin The Mask
11. Inhuman Race
12. Omega Wave

Origin - USA
Style - Thrash Metal

" I am old !.....Its been 22 years since I was fortunate enough to share the stage with a young 2nd wave of Bay Area Thrash Metal band Forbidden..Ahh those were the days...Now 13 years after their last full length (Green)..A Heavy but more groovish metal & Less Thrash Metal album...Comes the reforming and now a new record ! "

" Forbidden was raw but great then....They are fucking awesome now !....Armed with 10 new tracks and a couple intros...The boys are back in town to pick up where "Twisted Into Form" left off. First off what hits you is the bombastic production and then the crushing guitars of Craig Locicero(OG member) & Steve Smyth(Nevermore,Testament) bringing the heavy riffs and old school trade off solo's...Simply put..Brilliant ! "

 " All bullshit aside...Russ Anderson always brought a different style than most voices in the Thrash Metal game...Almost a Power Metal voice if anything with the higher range than most. I'm here to tell you now : There is not a better voice in Thrash Metal today PERIOD ! This guy can do it all..A deadly combo of Halfordism's and his own ballsy gruff style....Fuk this guy can sing !!! "

" Highlights include "Forsaken At The Gates" a true Thrash Anthem for today !
"Overthrow" with its heavy riffs and gang choruses. "Hopenosis" with its sheer brilliant vocals and memorable riffs(I'm sure I've played this track 50 times already) & "Behind The Mask" with its angry demeanor and catchy riffs (Check out the scream at the end.Brings back alot of memories)Maximum respect..I only wish I could still do that shit "

" I don't want to leave out Mark Hernandez's(Vio-Lence,Heathen) drumming and Matt Camacho's(OG member) bass which brings the album all together and makes it the force that it is"

 Omega Wave is the best pure Thrash Album since Testament's "The Gathering".....And as much as I have enjoyed the new wave of Thrash Metal upstarts.....This blows them to the wind !
60 minutes of Catchy,Crushing music..Regardless of Genre with brilliant performances all around.
Catch them on tour with Evile,Gama Bomb,Bonded By Blood...Should be epic !

Where the Fuck you been?......Now Its Time !
In The Box......(Get It?)

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