Friday, September 11, 2009

Massacra - Enjoy the Violence (1991)

1. Enjoy the Violence
2. Ultimate Antichrist
3. Gods of Hate
4. Atrocious Crimes
5. Revealing Cruelty
6. Full of Hatred
7. Seas of Blood
8. Near Death Experience
9. Sublime Extermination
10. Agonizing World

Origin - France
Style - Death/Thrash Metal

" Massacra formed in 1986..And spewed out 3 demos and a full length..Before this their second album "

" France's Massacra were one of my favorite bands of the early '90s who were equal parts death and thrash metal. "Enjoy the Violence" was recorded in January of 1991, so while I can hear contemporary influences of that time of the likes of Entombed in the mix here, the sound of the old guard of speed/thrash metal from the late '80s (think the fastest work of bands like Kreator) is present as well. Not surprising, as Massacra had already been around for a number of years by this point. There are your typical death growls here and there, but overall the band present a very tasteful form of death/thrash that is very brutal but retains the class that is a trademark of European extreme metal "

" This is high quality music here....And has been reissued in 2005 with some bonus tracks....

Slayer,Kreator,Entombed fans...Give this a try if you have never heard these guys.....

Legion Of Torture !.........Get It?

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