Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sickening Horror - The Dead End Experiment (2009)

1. Dusk
2. The Universe Within
3. 24 Januaries
4. The Dead End Experiment
5. Mirrors Reflect Only Dead Bodies
6. Noise Dreaming
7. Lay Rotten, Never Forgotten
8. Children Of The Swamp
9. Murdered Silence
10. Dressed In Madness

Origin - Greece

Style - Technical Death Metal

" Time for some technical death metal....Via Sickening Horror !.....This is their sophomore full length "

" Well this new record brings more catchy riffs and not much noodling...(thank goodness)....Some serious technicality and some fucking uber fast drumming. Vocally..A nice gruff growl "

" I think S.H. riffing has gotten tighter and catchier....There's definitely some industrial undertones...Bordering on some fairly experimental stuff going on....But its the crushing riffs that propel this album "

Can this keep up with Obscura?.......Its for you to judge....Me?..I take the fifth...

Through Blackness It Crawls!........Uh huh!

They have it....^

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