Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ghost - The Lost of Mercy (1994)

1. Alien
2. King of Darkness
3. Bestial Rites
4. Cross of Stone
5. Extreme Reality
6. Flag of Shadow Master
7. Morbid Game
8. Anthem of Vengeance
9. The Day After
10. Fight for Your World

Origin - Poland
Style - Death Metal

" One of the earliest Polish death metal bands, and one of the few that doesn't owe its sound directly to Vader in one way or another. Ghost formed in 1988 and has managed to put out 3 demos and this..Their only Full-Length "

" What we have is a solid slab of European death metal that can most directly be compared to Iniquity's classic 'Serenadium', with thick, abrasive, and often sludgy riffs, and vocals reminiscent of Grave's Jörgen Sandstrom. More surprisingly, this album actually has stellar production - especially for something so obscure "

Yet another obscure Death Metal album you need to hear...But probably haven't...

Cult Of Death !.........Here!
Or There...

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