Sunday, August 30, 2009

Claws - Absorbed in the Nethervoid (2009)

1. Absorbed in the Nethervoid
2. Bloodsucking Sorcery
3. Cacophonous Carrion
4. Casket Contagion
5. Cloak of the Sacrificial
6. Macabre Manifestations
7. Lurking in the Catacombs
8. Skeletal Reincarnation
9. Abominations That Crawl Forth

Origin - Finland
Style - Death Metal

" Finnish madman Lasse Pyykko offers yet another amazing band for those who were devoured by his other stuff (Hooded Menace, Vacant Coffin, Phlegethon). Claws is total old-school sickness, influenced primarily by Crematory(swe).... so you know what you are getting here..darker-than-dark, heavier-than-hell death metal "

" This guy continually writes and plays awesome Death Metal that's raw,eerie,and definetly underground !......He plays all the instruments and does all voices...Again this fucker is prolific....And I dig all of it "

Fans of the bands above or the ols stuff...This is mandatory !

Dont even try!..........Just Buy It!

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