Monday, August 3, 2009

Ravage - Violent Offense (2008)

01. Violent Offense
02. Beyond Morality
03. Systematic Anguish
04. Marooned
05. Involuntary Resurrection
06. Disposer Of Cruelty
07. Apocalyptic Raid
08. Drop-Blad Execution
09. Sadistic Termination
10. Christian Deception
11. Dead Cravings

Origin - Germany

Style - Death/Thrash Metal

" 3rd full-length from the Unsigned!....Ravage "

" How these guys are not signed..Has to be one of the biggest mysteries to me in Metal. They are every bit as Deadly and potent as the top Death/Thrash acts in metal today "

" The last album ‘Get Fucking Slaughtered’ by these young dudes from Germany was already very powerful and enjoyable, and with this new one they have created again a Death/Thrash monster. Again the mixture of tight thrash with the crushing Death metal coupled with the duo-Vocals is something to behold...And these guys produce their own records too "

" If I would of had this in 2008...It would have made my top 20 for sure! "

Buy this record from this band and support the underground....This is quite deserving of the praise !

To Kill And Destroy !.........Uh..Huh !

Its Here....

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  1. I agree with. Ravage is a very good band. I saw they alive a couple of time alive because there are from the same city where I´m reseding, Dusseldorf