Sunday, August 23, 2009

Exhumed - Obscurity - Demo (1990)

1. Obscure Desolation
2. Satanic Verses
3. What Life Has Brought

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" Formed in Stockholm,Sweden in 1989.....Exhumed sported some big names in Swedish Death Metal history...."

David Brink - Vocals (Morpheus,Excruciate)
Sebastian Ramstedt - Guitar (Morpheus,Necrophobic,Nifelheim)
Johan Bergebäck - Bass (Dismember,Morpheus, Necrophobic, Nifelheim)
Janne Rudberg - Drums (Mastication,Morpheus)

" On October 23rd,1990 they got together with Tomas Skogsberg at his Studio Sunlight and bashed out this one and only demo.....This 3 tracker is of course crushing with the usual Sunlight production from the era...Obscure Vocals,Downtuned guitars and plenty of that buzz-saw sound "

Mandatory listening for the Sunlight freaks out there !

Exhumed would later on morph into Morpheus and put out a awesome 12" and a Cd..........

Cult Stuff Here !......Crank It!

It's Here..............

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