Thursday, August 6, 2009

Creepmime - Chiaroscuro (1995)

1. The Colour Still Unwinds
2. Scarlet Man
3. In The Flesh
4. Clarity
5. Diced
6. Chiaroscuro
7. Black Widower
8. Fools Paradise
9. King of Misrule
10. God's Thoughts

Origin - Netherlands
Style - Death Metal

" After nailing down a great doom/death opus with their debut full-length, these talented Dutchmen decided to try other fields, and here comes "Chiaroscuro"with its sophisticated technical thrash/death, mostly following the style established with the last two Coroner albums...'Mental Vortex' & 'Grin'(tho not as annoying)"

" There is nothing too fast and brutal here, and their doom metal roots can clearly be felt on a few moments. The music is mid-tempo, with wonderful surreal guitar play ("Scarlet Man", "The Colour Still Unwinds"), seldom speeding up ("In The Flesh"), without losing its genuine technical edge, even increasing it. "Chiaroscuro", which well deservedly carries the album-title, is a fine mix between the newly-epitomized technical style and their morose doom sound of old"

Sadly....this effort was a very worthy finish of the band's very short career....

Some of the members are now in Cypher and Constant Paranoia....

An Anthem For Doomed Youth!.........You Know !

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