Friday, March 12, 2010

Diskord - Doomscapes (2007)

1. An Architectonic Manifestation of Death
2. Public Static Void 
3. Harbinger 
4. Absurreality
5. Cosmic Collapse
6. The Ubiquitous Transience
7. Inane Existence
8. Pervasive Discreteness 
9. Overstrain 
10. Heritage 
11. Reptilian Ancestry
12. Instauration

Origin - Norway
Style - Progressive Death Metal

" Diskord is a progressive death metal band who were formed in Oslo,Norway in 2001 by Chris "Channard" Myhre (guitar),Kvile (guitar),Eyvind Wærsted Axelsen (bass) and Hans Jørgen Ersvik (drums,vocals).In 2001 they self-released their first demo,a 5 song ep simply titled "Demo 1".Guitarist Kvile left the band and instead of replacing him DISKORD continued on with a three piece line-up. In 2003 Diskord again self-released a second demo,titled "Aural Objection".The band signed to Vendius Records and in 2005 released the ep "hdfh".2007 saw Diskord sign to the larger Edgerunner label and release their first full-length album....Doomscapes "

" Get ready for this.....This is some crazy shit here.... These guys play progressive death metal while still retaining the primal agression and discordant sounds of old-school death metal mixed with jazz,punk,Doom, psychedelic guitar and everything in-between. I feel like Im trippin on shrooms or should be! "

" I cannot say anything more..Or tell you that they sound like another band..Cause they dont...For those into wacky,Lunatic inspired Death Metal....Maybe Some Disharmonic Orchestra....Drink up,Smoke up,Shoot up...Do whatever it is you do....And crank this up ! "

Dalen gets this !

Go Ahead !..........Get It!
Today....      Manana.....


  1. listening to this cd for the first time - it's some pretty different shit! Gorguts stands out as an influence... I like it!