Monday, March 29, 2010

Overoth - Death Personified - Ep (2007)

1. Overoth 01:09
2. Suffering of the Detained
3. Death Personified
4. Oath of the Flesh
5. Thanatos Rise
6. Lord of Desolation

Origin - United Kingdom
Style - Death Metal

" Well it seems that Overoth is getting some big hype with their new full-length....And not for no reason....They play sledgehammer heavy Death Metal with catchy riffs and cool solo's "

" They have followed the true course of history..With a demo first..Then an Ep..Then the full length. This is the Ep here...And while not as well produced as the new one...It still reigns supreme in the old style meets new Death Metal scene. Think Bolt Thrower meets any number of Swedish acts "

These guys get it right...Straight ahead riffing, Short songs, powerfull growls,Psychedelic solo's....It aint original....But its damn tasty !

What the hell is an Overoth?
Get It...    Got It......

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