Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spearhead - Decrowning the Irenarch (2007)

1. Prolegomenon
2. Decrowning the Irenarch
3. When the Pillars Fall
4. Road to Austerlitz
5. Interregnum
6. Iulianus Augustus Apostata
7. In the Face of the Absolute
8. Thus Always to Tyrants
9. Mors Triumphalis 
10. Brotherhood of Arms
11. Aftermath

Origin - United Kingdom
Style - Black/Death Metal

Spearhead: ...a force that leads an attack. the leading forces in a military thrust...

" Founded in 2003, Spearhead recorded their debut full-length 'Deathless Steel Command' in mid-2005..An ok but under-produced record of mostly black metal origin. After a ep in 06 they found themselves at the mighty Hertz Studios(Vader,Decapitated etc) to record their new album 'Decrowning the Irenarch' "

" When a band takes a step forward like this always blows my mind...Because this is masterful,
bombastic, militant Blackened Death Metal  based on the philosophy and metaphysics of war. With tight musicianship, memorable song-writing, sophisticated lyrics/concepts and a state of the art production. This is an album of epic proportions, and superior Black/Death Metal mastery"

" This Lp kills from start to finish...Rarely letting up along the way....Fans of Angelcorpse Take special notice....But anyone into fast....Crushing Death Metal.....Get This at all costs ! "

The Glorious Dead !.......Right Now !
First.....      Blood......

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