Thursday, April 29, 2010

Winterwolf - Cycle of the Werewolf (2009)

1. Intro to Death
2. Phantoms of Madness
3. Cemetary by Night
4. Lycanthropic Aeons
5. nataS fo tsaeB
6. All Shall Be Eaten
7. Shadows, Howling and Doom
8. Wolf Skin Mask
9. Return to the Shadow of Death
10. Cenotaph (Bolt Thrower cover)

Origin - Finland
Style - Death Metal

" Well......Winterwolf Huh?.......Could this be the same Winterwolf that changed their name to DeathChain?......Yes it surely is.....Resurrected and now with their debut album...Well on Cd at least..Vinyl was last year. Now this is quite a band of merauders here...You have ex-members of such luinaries as Demilich !.....De Liriums Order,Deathchain including Antti Boman from Demilich on guitar and backing vocals.....This has to be good right? "

" This is a recreation of the late80s..early 90s Death Metal scene in Sweden, Done by musicians that know what the fuck they are doing. Sulight production?....No..But very close to it..Buzzsaw guitars..Yes....Vocals from so deep it is inhuman..Yes.....Tracks that sound like they would be on some lost Carnage album..Yes Or Nihilist Or..Well you get the idea "

" The songs themselves are, heavy... But with that sort of feeling..Like its all going somewhere ! Bass and guitars move in unision as a monstrous behemoth while the drums thunder away with speedy single and double beats. The thick and balanced production also furthers the brutality by recalling the soundscape of many a album of old. Toss in a Bolt Thrower cover done to the tee and you have a brilliant album on your hands "

Go to Xtreemmusic and buy this now !........This kills....Plain and simple....

Thanx to all the requestors.....Sorry it took so long......

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  1. With Horrific Intro Track Sickness & Evil Begins!
    Madness Emperor Manifests...Chaos And Destruction , Holy FUCK!!!
    So What? Need More Horror ? Walk In Cemetary By Night! Death Fucks You Man....
    Ancient Aeons In Front Of You ... Don't Mess With The Wolves!
    nataS fo tsaeB? Yes When Lord Of Evil Screws You UpSide Down You Know The Meaning : "BEAST OF SATAN"...
    So The Next Mission Is Eating All Live And Dead , Corpses Kingdom Is Awesome!
    Take A Trip In The Land Of Shadows , Howling And Doom..
    And Wear "Wolf Skin Mask" ...If You Want To Be a Bastard !!!
    Return To Your Master , Under Its Wings , Under Its Shadow "DEATH"
    PRAY IN CENOTAPH Mother Fucker!
    Death Worshipper...

  2. Anyone else noticed that none of the rips of this album will copy into iTunes? It doesn't even deny them. It just doesn't do anything, but they play fine in Winamp, MediaPlayer or whatever. This is the first time I've ever seen this. What gives?

  3. it sounds way too similar to Entombed, but its cool, a good record, Thanks for sharing!