Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Revolting - The Terror Threshold (2010)

1. Gulp the Blood...
2. The Grip of Death
3. Grotesque Beyond Belief
4. Heads in the Fridge
5. Rise of the Revolter (Instrumental)
6. Harvest the Humans 
7. Trigger the Trap 
8. Bloodthirsty Bitches
9. Destructive Organism
10. Horror Hooker

11. Gorezone Obsession
12. Vengeance of the Nails
13. Slimetime
14. Grizzly Aftermath
15. Welcome to the Shredshed
16. Bonesaw Leftovers
17. Skull Scavengers

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" 2nd full length from Rogga and the boys "

" This is fucking cool...You not only get the new album!...But a unreleased Ep 'Bonesaw Leftovers' in the package...A full 52:30 of Swedish Death Metal. What the hell !!!......Do I hear some melodic passages....Some cool melodic guitars..No not of the gay power metal kind.....But in a Uunleashed,Evocation sorta way. Rogga has stepped it up in the song writing dept.... and even includes an instrumental of the horror type complete with catchy melodic guitar work"

" Don't get me wrong....This shit is brutal in the Swedish tradition....Just more varied and definitely crushing ! Just way more catchy and better overall songs. Rogga's growl has not changed but add in a bit of a higher rasp in some tracks. This may be the best set of tracks that Rogga has written...And thats saying alot "

Go to Razorback and buy this at once !.....I command you !......Or miss out on one of the best albums of the year so far !

Nightmare !.....On Gamleby st. !
Shoot....      Score.....

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  1. Awesome , Madness
    It taste so fucking good , Every elements of god damned swedish death metal are arranged all over this album....
    I ordered this one to razorback....
    thanks for ARTFUL REVIEW
    Deal With Death , Terror Begins.
    Death Worshipper