Monday, April 5, 2010

Appointment With Fear - Compilation (1991)

1. Misanthrope - Paradoxical Burial (France)
2. Coprophagist - Addiction To Self Dismemberment (Germany)
3. Traumatic - The Grotesque Mulilation Of Infected Organs (Sweden)
4. Supuration - Sordid & Outrageous Emanation (France)
5. Dicktator - Feast Of Abhorrenz (Finland)
6. Masacre - Morbida Implosion (Columbia)
7. Anguish - Condemned To Death (Finland)
8. Transgressor - Limbless Doom (Japan)
9. Grotesque - Incantation (Sweden)
10. Cenotaph - Larvs Of Subconcious (Mexico)
11. Acheron - Death To Millions (Australia)
12. Shub Niggurath - Disembowelment Slaughter To The Flesh (Mexico)
13. Macabre End - Spawn Of Flesh (Sweden)
14. G-Anx - Clouds Of Cancer (Sweden)
15. Dead - Far Beyond Imagination (Germany)
16. Putrid Offal - Gurgling Prey (France)
17. Extincion Cerebral - √Āfrica, Un Grito De Hambre (Mexico)

Origin - Earth
Style - Death Metal,Grind,Thrash Metal

" Early Death Metal...Grincore Compilation on Cyber Music...Featuring many bands from many nations with many a sound "

I will try to give you a quick rundown of some of the good on this Comp:

Coprophagist - Early grind in the Carcass vein
Traumatic - Classic Swedish Death/Grind off the (The Morbid Act Of A Sadistic Rape Incision Ep)
Supuration - Heavy Death Metal in the Pestilence (Consuming Impulse) Vein
Masacre - Columbia's oldest Deah Metal Legend....Grandfathers of the south american sound
Anguish - Finnish Death Metal Sounding a bit like Demilich
Grotesque - Tompa and company starting the Black/Death rebellion
Macabre End - Later morphing into God Macabre...Easily one of the best Swedish Death Bands
G-Anx - Obscure Swedish Punk/Metal
Acheron - Members later changed name to Abamelin

There you are.....A Classic Compilation of Early Death Oriented Metal from all over the planet !

Go Ahead !........Get It!
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  1. Very Great Swedish Bands Are in This Compilation Traumatic , Grotesque , Macabre End ...
    May These Bands Didn't Split Up

    Thank YOU For This Post Master!

  2. ist it possible to re-upload this compilatio? i'm searching for this along with vol. 2 for a very long time since i lost many cd's while moving in 1996... thanks alot if possible

  3. Thank you so much pal for upload this great V/A.