Monday, April 26, 2010

Exodus - Exhibit B: The Human Condition (2010)

1. The Ballad Of Leonard And Charles
2. Beyond The Pale
3. Hammer And Life
4. Class Dismissed (A Hate Primer)
5. Downfall
6. March Of The Sycophants
7. Nanking

8. Burn, Hollywood, Burn
9. Democide
10. The Sun Is My Destroyer
11. A Perpetual State Of Indifference
12. Good Riddance

Origin - USA
Style - Thrash Metal

" After 30 years in the Thrash Metal buisness....Here comes Exodus to show everyone how the fuck it is done ! "

" I had the pleasure of playing with Exodus a few times back in the 80s,90s and I can tell you...These guys never took a night off....They always ripped and always gave all they had.This new record see's a confident,veteren band that have been around the world and back..And are still pumping out albums such as this "

" This new record is a ball crusher...Period !......This will hurt your speakers...Your ears....Your neighbors....Its that good !.......Riffing has always been Exodus main forte...And Exhibit B is no different....Over an hour of riff after punishing riff...Interspliced with terrific solo's and a bombastic mix.To me..Rob Dukes sounds like Zetro Souza alot of the time...And the rest he fits in his own style....Which is fine. But it is Gary Holt & Lee Altus that are the stars here....Their riffs and melodic solo's and dual harmony guitars are spectacular and worth the price of admission "

So in the end...Exodus is here to show all the wonderkind retro-Thrashers and high top wearin youngsters the real shit.....This aint Old-School.......These Mother-Fuckers are Pre-School !

Get It?........Good!


  1. where's the link, man???

  2. I'm with you, DD! And the new Master crushes some balls, to!

  3. http://depositfiles.com/en/files/k9pdpvadj

  4. This link & others fucking shits on the web are FAKE!!!!

  5. the depositfiles up there is a fake it's a new songs withs Exhibit A songs

  6. good JOKE! I thought it was the real album. You are a decent site, dont upload FAKES!

  7. @ Anonymous and Sebastian, I assume you guys didn't get the memo, new releases like this one are not posted openly, if you really want the link send an email to DD.

  8. The depositfiles link is real as far as I can tell.