Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Devoid of Grace - Psychotic Journey (2010)

1. Killing For Salvation 
2. Distorted Perspective
3. Chaos - New God 
4. Demonosphere
5. Blind Mirror 
6. Virtual Addiction 
7. Refactoring Noise
8. Prodigy

Origin - Russia
Style - Death Metal

" Debut from the (Lipetsk) Russia based Death Metal Machine "

" I dug on their first E.P. and the split also last year...Finally we have the full length. You will get blistering precise Death Metal in the vein of Trauma,Vader, and Decapitated....This shit is loud...Produced well and the playing is solid with some nice solo's "

" Russia is producing some fine Death Metal these days and Devoid Of Grace has to be one of the leaders of the pack ! "

Good Stuff here....Recommended !

Get Up !.......Get Out !
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  1. Sounds like a mix of Vader and Legion Of The Damned. Very good work!