Saturday, March 27, 2010

Abscession - Death Incarnate - Demo (2010)

1. Land of the Damned
2. Haunted from within
3. Litany of the Serpent God

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" Sweden is a neverending supplier of killer Death Metal bands.....And with Abscession...We have another winner ! "

" Grooving,Catchy,Well produced Death Metal is what you will get on this debut 3 track demo...Limited to 100 black tapes...& 66 red ones....You better get ahold of Suffer Productions pronto ! "

In the running for Best Demo of 2010 I should think !

The band has asked me to remove the links.......But I still highly recommend you seek this out !

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  1. You can get the tracks at http://abscession.bandcamp.com! Only €3 for the entire release in digital format, and you can listen to all the songs before you decide to buy it, so you know it's quality stuff.

    Thomas of Abscession