Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Xysma - Above the Mind of Morbidity - Ep (1990)

1. Foetal Mush
2. Paradise of Steaming Cadavers 
3. Entangled in Shreds
4. Mild Stench of Rot 
5. Dismemberment in Trance
6. Cranial Cradle

Origin - Finland
Style - Death Metal/Grindcore

" Xysma is a Finnish cult band that was actually started as a grindcore band pretty much cloning the style that early Carcass and Napalm Death were playing. This resulted in being the first grindcore band ever to emerge from Finland. But soon they got fed-up with this style and changed into something that"s more death metal with the first two albums. Evolving further they adopted a Black Sabbath kind of vibe which they draw further throughout their career, ending up as a psychedelic kind of 70"s rock band "

" This is the 12" Mini-Lp...on Comeback records.....Where as the first demo was all Carcass worship....This first Ep see's the band moving in a more Death Metal zone....Still grinding,putrid,unhuman vocals(reminding of Demilich),dominant low production value and increased audio filth, with raging low tuned guitars, mid-fast hardcore pace to blast-beat drums "

This stuff is pure filth and sick to the bone !......Fans of Old Carcass,Impetigo,Exhumed etc...Get this shit !

Phrenetic Chainsaw Suicide!.......Ohh Yeahh !
Hear....     Or     Here.....

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