Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Phlegethon - Drifting in the Crypt - Compilation (2010)

Disc 1
1. Female Sabbath 
2. During my Hollow Trinity 
3. Into the Halls of Theory
4. Ornaments
5. Intro - Endless Horse
6. The Brethren in Provenance
7. Sunset Of Golgotha 
8. Those That Are Sent Forth 
9. Encapsulation of the Ark of the Covenant
10. Acrimonious Elysium
11. Karma Vest
12. Teaser's Whine
13. Crystal Limbs

Disc 2
1. 0-520
2. Encapsulation of the Ark of the Covenant

3. Ornaments
4. The Golden Face
5. Stone Me
6. Without Tea Waters
7. To Decorate the Skies
8. For Lunar Reasons 
9. In Harmony with Penance.
10. Encrypt the Earth
11. Petrified Hermits
12. The Unreal Locations of the Period of Stones
13. Circle of the Hybrid Statues

Origin - Finland
Style - Death/Thrash Metal

Compilation of All Phlegethon material ever released !
Broken down into 2cds and by release with all covers and bonus stuff !

" Complete Discography of this Mystic Death/Thrash legend from Finland....With remastered sound and bonus material "

" For those interested in Lasse Pyykkö (Hooded Menace,Claws,Vacant Coffin etc) This is your chance to hear what he and some friends were doing in the early days "

" You get to hear everything from the early demo's that were influenced by Sepultura,Slayer to the later material more in the vein of Lasse's later bands.....Some truly twisted and unique stuff here ! "

Quite a package that Extreem Music put together...Compiling the history of Phlegethon
Watch for the new DVD out later this year !

Glorious Bastards !.........They are !
CD1     Cd2  Or   This That

At least say thanx !.....This shit took me forever and a day !



  1. Master DD thanks for the compilation....now lets start some headbanging !!!

  2. man thanks a lot for putting this compilation from phlegethon i've been waiting for this one for so long!! THX!!!

  3. Hey DD, Thanks man. I'm a huge fan of Lasse and all his other bands, Cheers sir!

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