Monday, March 8, 2010

Interment - Forward to the Unknown - Demo (1992)

1. Where Death Will Increase
2. Human Dissection
3. A Waste Of Good Suffering
4. Forward To The Unknown

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

'Intro' is seperate in rip

" The year...1992....Interment contact Tomas Skogsberg and book Sunlight Studios for a new demo...But it turns out Skogsberg has booked too many bands at the same time so the band moves to Gorysound Studios and work with Dan Swanö instead...Not a bad idea in my book "

" This is the bands 2nd demo and there are differences from the first...This time the songs were  much faster and the guitars more downtuned..And like the first demo..Interment sends this to many labels..And no one signs them (Idiot labels) "

" Enough of a history lesson...What we have here is another classic Swedish Death Metal demo from the day....Heavy and brutal..Just the way we like it !.....Interesting note: All the demo's are now found in one compilation on Morbid Wrath/Necroharmonic records...I suggest you get out there and get yourself one of these...Comes with cool liner notes and a video too "

Dont forget the new FULL LENGTH coming in april !...One of my most anticipated releases this year for sure !...Should be devastating !

Classic Shit here !.......Get It!
One - http://rapidshare.com/files/360933586/Interment92.rare...

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