Monday, March 1, 2010

Ikuinen Kaamos - Fall of Icons (2010)

1. Indoctrination of the Lost
2. Statues
3. In Ruins 
4. Condemned
5. Apart

Origin - Finland
Style - Progressive Death/Black Metal

" Ikuinen Kaamos roughly translates as 'Eternal Polar Night' a name that suggests black metal origins, which Ikuinen Kaamos certainly were in their demo days...But this is their second full-length we are speaking of here "

" Incorporating elements from Doom, Death, Black and progressive metal to create a Dark,Melancholic, Epic album spiralling the listener to a timeless sphere of emotions...Ikuinen Kaamos are possibly the answer to Sweden's Opeth ? "

" The tracks are lengthy and full of twists and turns..One minute Opethian heavy handed vibe..The next acoustic interludes with layers of  guitars throughout. The vocals vary between black metal screams, death metal gutturals and clean singing (A bit different to M.Akerfeldt I might add). The production is spotless and quite clear...Allowing all the instruments their own space (except the bass) to maneuver around in the long drawn out tracks "

I personnaly do not hear much Black Metal here..Other than the voice sometimes.....But if you are into the melancholic...progressive..metal such as Opeth or In Mourning...This is highly recommended !

On The Wings Of Your Hatred !........Go Ahead !
Get It....      Got It......

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