Friday, June 12, 2009

Sinister - Cross the Styx (1992)

1. Carnificina Scelesta
2. Perennial Mourning
3. Sacramental Carnage
4. Doomed
5. Spiritual Immolation
6. Cross the Styx
7. Compulsory Resignation
8. Corridors to the Abyss
9. Putrefying Remains
10. Epoch of Denial
11. Perpetual Damnation
12. Outro

Origin - Netherlands
Style - Death Metal

" Sinisters debut full length "

" Consisting of 10 crushing songs (plus an intro and outro with guest performance by producer Alex Krull(Atrocity), who also laid some backing vocals on the title track), the album combined all the finest ingredients to form a brutal masterpiece "

" The music was clearly inspired by Possessed (especially the choppy and thrash-like riffs) but it also featured a lot of other influences, ranging from old-school death metal to grindcore (that’s why contemporary reviewers often called the album a mixture of Suffocation and Vomitory). The true highlight of the LP, however, was Mike van Mastrigt and his extremely deep and brutal growling, which, combined with diabolical lyrics about the occult, turned tracks such as “Putrefying Remains”, “Spiritual Immolation” and “Compulsory Resignation” into instant classics "

Sinister have had a fine career....And this was the start of it all...

Dutch Masters !........Get It!

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