Sunday, June 14, 2009

Augury - Fragmentary Evidence (2009)

1. Aetheral
2. Simian Cattle
3. Orphans of Living
4. Jupiter to Ignite
5. Sovereigns Unknown
6. Skyless
7. Faith Puppeteers
8. Brimstone Landscapes
9. Oversee the Rebirth

Origin - Canada
Style - Progressive/Technical Death Metal

" 5 years after the great debut 'Concealed'...Montreal's Augury return with their sophomore release " Fragmentary Evidence "

" Augury is a stellar example of how metal can be progressive, epic, technical, brutal, and original all at once. This is very tough to do....And not sound like a million styles thrown in one. The way they manage it is....Musicianship of the highest order (Listen to the bass playing of Dominic "Forest" Lapointe(Quo Vadis) or the technical drumming of Antoine Baril...And you will see what I mean "

" But its the guitarists Patrick Loisel & Mathieu Marcotte that experiment and intertwine different musical styles that keeps the ball rolling. Easily switching from brutal passages to finely crafted 12 string acoustic interludes. Vocally: This runs the gamut....Death growls,Screams and everything in-between...Now 55 minutes is a lot of music to digest and some will lose patience....But those with an open mind and an hour of your time..Will find some treasures in the 9 tracks here "

Fans of the progressive,technical side of metal...You will have no problem with this....Others?.....Need not apply !

Go Ahead !........Get It!

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  1. Amazing album.I can't get over how good this is.Concealed was great,but this is just so much more how I wanted.The vocals during Simian Cattle and the like seem to evoke different responses.I love them but others no,granted I also have an open mind.Those vocals remind me of Wintersun's shouted cleaner parts,which is great in my book.The music is killer!