Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Accidental Suicide - Deceased (1992)

1. Misery Hunt
2. The Life I Hate
3. Morbid Indulgence
4. Flesh Parade
5. Unknown
6. Method Of Murder
7. Agony Of Rebirth
8. Homicidal Entrails
9. My Dangling Corpse
10. To Eat The Heart

Origin - USA

Style - Death Metal

" Accidental Suicide was formed in 1989 by some friends in Milwaukee,Wisconsin..And released a couple of demo's before their only full-length 'Deceased' in 1992"

" Accidental Suicide is a blend of dark death metal with a mildly gory edge to them. They sound a lot like Incantation, with a hint of Suffocation, but a lot slower, more brutal approach.....A solid slice of the genre at the time "

" Bands like this came and went....But their legacy lives on through their recordings....Fans of the old sound should check it out !

Sadistic Intentions!.......Get It!

Left There....

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  1. Do you have the 1st demo 1989 sadistic intentions ?